Could I have some Oci in me?

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I see a lot of your purebreds have a belly like mine. Mine is a fuzzy peach like a cheetah with black spots. My ears and face don't look like an Oci's, and mommy has never before thought there might be a connection, but my markings are similar in shape and arrangement (if not color), and I have the spotted stomach. My tail seems similar, too.

I don't think the behavior and personality descriptions match me very well, but I'm curious if you all think there might be any connection.

Thanks for the help!



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You may just have some Oci, as there are variations within the breed. I just stumbled upon the fact that I (Tawnee) have the spots on my sides, & on my belly, have the caramel color underneath, & many of the Oci traits as well. We cats aren't real common, so if you are part Oci, know that you are special & a bit unique.

Have you seen this website?


It' s a very interesting article describing all about Ocicats, how they were first bred, & if you look at the first picture of the cat, it looks very much like me (Tawnee). Oh, & I am only 7 months old, & already 8 pounds & getting bigger & longer.

One way or another, you are a very good looking kitty.kitty


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Oh, I know it can be so confusing with so many spotted breeds becoming more popular! And sometimes our dear Tabby cousins can get confused with us on account of their broken stripes so often looking like spots. smile

Me and my brother, Loki, and my mommacat, Teaka, are all purebred ocicats.

One of the things that surprises a lot of humans is that Ocicats are 100% domestic cat. Ocicats are the result of a three-way mix of Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair. If you were to look each of those up individually, you would be able to see reflections of each breed in the Ocicat.

This means a couple things:
Our body types can range from slender (Aby/Siam) to muscular (Amer. Short), but we are rarely larger than 12-15 lbs. (Loki runs on the big side, I'm the skinny boy)... excepting cases of overfeeding, of course.

Our spots are usually small dots (not rosettes), and may reflect the circular "target" pattern of the American Shorthair on our sides (as opposed to the more "stripey" pattern of our tabby cousins). You can kinda see what I mean in the pic. of me with the dog when I was a kitten.

We do sport a few stripes on our legs, chest and tails. The chest/neck marking usually looks like a broken necklace. Stripes on the legs are usually broken, not banded all around.

We often sport the "M" on our forheads, courtesy of the Siamese and Aby. ancestry.

Something a bit unique from our Abyssinian lines is our "ticked" or "agouti" fur. This means that the individual hairs are actually banded with different colors, not a solid single color. Even the "background color" is ticked.

The 3-way mix of Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair lends to generally intelligent, outgoing and friendly personalities. Mom's friends always comment on how friendly and amiable we are. And Mom is always complaining that we are too smart for our own good! MOL laugh out loud


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I think the Oci face is slimmer and more triangular than my face. My mommy thinks that my black bottomed feet, my racoon style tail, my spotted, cheetah style tummy, and my stripes are my most interesting markings.

I'm a rather large cat. Very long, and nearly 15 lbs. I steal my little brother's kitten food b/c I was living outdoors (abandoned or wild, Mommy doesn't know) and so I have never seen anything remotely edible that I didn't like. I'll even eat mediction or vitamins and love it.

There are several breeds that have various markings like mine, but there isn't any particular breed that seems to fit my personality so much. My mommy knows I am a pretty princess, though, and that is really all that matters.

Ideas or suggestions? Mommy is curious about my stripes!