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Gabby Cat.

I have his he- has mine! I love- Midnight
Purred: Sun Feb 24, '08 9:57am PST 
for some reason catster doesnt have my breed ive been on here for a while and i dont know what to do to get it added i am a CHEETOH look it up on google ask geeves msn yahoo what ever you will get pictures of kittys that look like me and they will come from breeders trying to sell them and bloggers talking about this type of cat but for some strange reason catster just skipped over that breed on acccident im sure but i really want to know how to get it added for some reason it buggs me when i have to see at the top of my page oci-cat/bengal sure its close but not my breed so can some kitty tell me how??

Gabby Catt