Help! Possible surgery trauma?!

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Purred: Thu Apr 15, '10 7:44pm PST 
Little Elsa, the love of my life, had seven teeth removed three months ago due to bad gums she sadly inherited from her mother. She has made a remarkable recovery, other than being a little annoyed after being switched to wet food (she hates it!). However, about a month ago, Elsa developed a little problem. Anytime her "father" or I leave the house to go to work, or dinner, she has accidents all over the house. At first, we thought the poo-presents were just coincidence. Now it happens EVERY TIME WE LEAVE. I don't understand; her litter-box is kept immaculate, she's been switched back to her dry food now that her teeth and gums are healthy, and she's nothing but sweet, wonderful and social while we're home. Is it possible for a cat to develop a separation anxiety after surgery? If so, why did this not manifest earlier? WE took her to the vet, and nothing is wrong with her physically... Has anyone else experienced this?