Am I a good choice for a pet if I'm aloof when I first met my people?

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Purred: Wed Jun 17, '09 11:18pm PST 
Hi, I'm Tove, a pure bred Norwegian Forest Cat. I'm 6 weeks old and I have a deposit made on me by some very nice people but I can tell they are wondering if I will make a good pet. I have four other brothers and sisters and when my people came to visit me I hid under the sofa and even after they found me and held me I kept wandering away from the people action to explore the next room or see what my siblings were doing. My breeder explained to my people that I was really a great kitten and was just exhibiting typical Wegie behavior but my people are wondering if I am socialized enough since I didn't seem too interested in them. They wonder if I will bond with them when they get me home or if I will be totally independant. I think they really want me to be their friend. Can you help us figure this out?