MC kitty with toilet issues!

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Eat, Sleep, Play- repeat!
Purred: Mon Dec 16, '13 8:57am PST 
We adopted the delightful Rosie from our local cat protection league. She was sharing a pen with two brothers (not Maine Coon) who had just been adopted so the thought of her being left behind caused it to take her. We discovered she was MC when the tail slowly evolved into a feather duster and the tufts appeared between her paws. Now a good 9 months old she interacts with Roxy her big sister and can let herself in and out the cat flap but hasn't shown any interest in trying to jump up the fences like her big sis does. No big issue, happy we know where she is most of the time.

But, and here's our issue; going to the toilet outside. Having dispensed with the litter tray we thought she'd just follow as Roxy does and use the flower beds around the garden but no. She is quite happy just tearing up some grass and pooping there and leaving little pressies for us. Is this an MC thing? 20 years of having cats, never known one not grasp where to go to the toilet so badly! Have tried everything; putting mud in the litter tray and leaving that on the patio. Putting the litter (wood pellets) on the mud so she can dig away. Neither to avail. I've picked up the poo and buried it in the hope the smell will lure her but no. Out the cat flap, tear up some grass, make then back in to the warm house for a wash.
Is this normal MC behaviour? Will she grow out of it? Has anyone experienced this and have a solution?

Please help! My neighbour has a dog and he has less poop in his garden!!!