What is my daddy?

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Purred: Thu Aug 4, '11 9:33am PST 
Hi! I am wondering if any of you may know what my daddy is. My mama is a small sized grey and white DSH (i definitely get my coloring from her) and she escaped the house in the country and got knocked up. Now my adoptive Mama is wondering what my daddy was, cuz, as she says, I am a huge mutant kitten. laugh out loud

I am six months old, as of August 8th. I am 11 inches tall, and from the tip of my tail to the tip of my nose I measure a long lanky 30 inches. I weigh 9 lbs but I definitely don't look like it, I am very slender. If you look at my other pictures you will see I have a very triangular head with freakishly long whiskers and ear-hair (ignore the spiked hair, mama was feeling silly...so embarrassing red face)

My personality traits are that I absolutely LOVE water. Also, mama has a 3 year old cat that lived with her first, but after I was here for only 2 months, I became the dominant cat. I love being with my mama, she is my favorite toy, and like to climb and jump and bounce all around her. I also like to take little tiny naps on her, but I only spend a couple minutes there, then I go sleep on her desk if she is working or I like to sleep the night on the nightstand next to her bed. But no matter what, I am always in the same room as her. Even when she goes potty.

One of mama's friends suggested maybe I was a Norwegian Forrest Cat, but mama has never heard of those so doesn't know.