I am going to be a New England resident!

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Purred: Fri Oct 15, '10 4:15pm PST 
Hi guys exciting news! I am now a New England Maine Coon!
I arrived recently at our new house in New Hampshire and am settling in here. It is bittersweet though because only my 'main' human is moving, so the rest of the family are still in Chicago and I am now an only cat. However my best pal Church might be coming to live with us here, or the humans might have "joint custody" of him. I want him to come here because we grew up together but his human is not sure... Since Church doesn't really like the other cats and his and I are good friends she is thinking of letting him join me at least for now.
This also means that there is a chance we might add an actual Maine-born and bred Maine Coon to the family in the future. way to go

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