How can I tell the difference?

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I work in a shelter and we have a cat that was dropped off at our door. They have her listed as a persian but she looks more like a himalayan. How can I tell the difference?


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I'm not an expert, so I could be wrong....but I believe Himalayans are classed as Persians. The difference which sets them apart is the "Siamese" markings and coloring.


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The cat above me is right I think.
I don't know much about cats... but weren't Himalayans bred from persians and siemese?


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Yes, originally Persians were bred with siamese for the colouring patterern called Colour point.

This means that if the kitty is a Hymalayan, she should have a different colour on her paws, nose, ears, and tail. The body should be lighter thank these colour points. The points can be any number of different colours, dark brown, light grey, even orange, just to name a few.

Persians are not pointed in tis way, and their colouring can be solid. bi colour, tabby, etc

Hope this helps

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Jasmine and Pandora are correct!!! applauseapplause

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i was wondering the same thing!! i just got my kitty and some of his papers say "Himilayan" and some say "Persian." even the vet didn't know. i know that Himilayans were bred from Persians and Siamese but they are their own breed. I'm not sure smile


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wave I am told that a Himalayan (by "show") standards is to have a small physique (much smaller in size than their relative the Persian), round, flat face, perfectly round (not almond) shaped eyes. The standard is the flat, squished looking face with a high, flat nose. Though the doll face Himmys with a more traditional looking cat face are still classified as Hims, they are not permissible in shows. I don't breed or show my Himmy. He was dumped at a shelter in a box, presumably not good enough to sell or show. By my own curiosity has led me to do research.