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I'm the Bee's- Knees!

Purred: Thu Jul 31, '14 4:03pm PST 
Please use this thread to share your Dogster and Catster Community "wish list."

DO NOT USE THIS THREAD TO REQUEST FIXES FOR BROKEN FEATURES. I have been keeping that long list updated for over two years, and i-5 Publishing has the list and is already putting together a pawesome team to address these issues.

What I would like to see posted here are suggestions for new Community features and functions, as well as suggestions for making the existing Community features and functions even better!

Thanks everypawdy!


Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

Purred: Thu Jul 31, '14 7:10pm PST 
1, Instant Messenger like before.

2, A real nice message area like most forums have.
It takes a lot of effort to use codes to to be able to send a message or reply from an OP.

3, Font size, Font styles, Colors, links, attachments, ABC Spellchecker, newer emoticons, links to copy from a WORD EDITOR just copy & paste into the message box.

I could go on with many more, but I hope that other members will share their views here! relieved

Luvs tew all.
Kally Kat ♥♥ big hug

Now, it's my nappy time kitty for the nite wiff my Mommy Liz

Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

Purred: Thu Jul 31, '14 7:30pm PST 
Geeps, wut happened to my post reply I know I was here thinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinking

I shared wut I wud like to see changes for a betta up to date site!
Now, where is the (****) heck is my reply post that Lori started?? shrug

PJ *DB #29

Be Unique
Purred: Thu Jul 31, '14 8:32pm PST 
Would like a way to post group links that work for both Catster and Dogster so we don't have to put up 2 (one for Catster and one for Dogster) pointing to the same page. I had figure out a way to do that once upon a time and passed the idea on, but it went no where after that.


Purred: Thu Jul 31, '14 8:40pm PST 
My only wish is that they don't come in and make a lot of changes. I think we all love how Dogster and Catster are set up...for the most part. I hope they intend on letting us keep our pet and group pages, and the ability to decorate them. I have heard some say they wish it was easier to decorate pages without having to use a code. From what I have seen, though, when it is easier to decorate a page you are usually limited as to what all you can change on a page, so I myself am happy with using a code. Oh, if I had to wish for one thing, it would be for us to not be segregated...that dogs and cats could be furiends with each other. If I think of anything else, I'll let you know. way to go

We're so excited!! cheercheercheer


Purred: Thu Jul 31, '14 8:42pm PST 
When I posted my comment, there were no other comments showing up. Everyone has some really good suggestions. way to go


Eternally in- love with- Katie...
Purred: Thu Jul 31, '14 8:56pm PST 
To add to what PJ said, it's rather silly, not to mention annoying, to get the pop-up alert window warning us about visiting another site when we take a user-posted link from Dogster to Catster or vice versa!

I absolutely agree with everything Nina said! I can understand the desire for a less technical approach to decorating pages, but if that could be implemented, it should NOT be at the expense of our current (or what would be current if it wasn't broken!) functionality. And as she said, better integration between the wto sites would be a big improvement.

Aside from that, what I would like to see across all areas of both sites is more sensible navigation that is both more user-friendly and more consistent between different areas. For example, multi-page features (threads, diaries, pmail, etc.) should all allow easier movement to other pages in that area. Forums, listings, search results, etc. on other sites are so much easier to get around than our Dogster/Catster pages. If you need more specifics, let me know.

Edited by author Thu Jul 31, '14 9:03pm PST

Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Purred: Thu Jul 31, '14 11:19pm PST 
To be able to post pics straight from computer to forum/group postings instead of having to go through Photobucket (or similar) and then the jon rad hover linking that isnt the Jon Rad now !!

(I realise decorated page backgrounds etc would still need to be coded)

Far less complicated coding for decorated pages. With the best will and all the tutorials in the world .... many still cannot do that as much as they might wish to.

With Webbie on an easier navigation too.

Sandy (aka- Thumper)

Stunned that- Dogster is going- away
Purred: Fri Aug 1, '14 5:14am PST 
One thing that has always irritated me is when you go to modify a group forum... after you are finished there is no link to get back to the group you started from

These are the links available

[groups central] [faq] [search groups] [see all groups] [see new groups] [start a group]

Once I have edited I wanted to see if the edits stuck, not go to a different group BOL

Sandy (aka- Thumper)

Stunned that- Dogster is going- away
Purred: Fri Aug 1, '14 5:21am PST 
Of course it appears at this time that I can't modify my own groups forums BOL... so that should be fixed first laugh out loud

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