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I'll be gone for a little while

Sparky - 1/23/2005 - 1/16/2017

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Purred: Tue Jun 10, '14 6:11am PST 
Mom is going on vacation for two weeks, so I won't be here while she's gone. She is leaving this Saturday. We are having our bestest pet sitter come stay with us. She is AWESOME and we love her hug

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Purred: Tue Jun 10, '14 12:16pm PST 
Oh,wow! Your mom will be gone for a while! Hope she has a great time! We will miss you! Please let us know how you do with your pet sitter.

I just turned ten! I haven't ever spent one night away from my mom! BOL!! shock

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Purred: Wed Jun 11, '14 3:52am PST 
O MY Hope your mommy has fun...and soooooooooooo glad you have a great pet sitter! Be sure to give your mom a lick lick lickin when she comes home! snoopysnoopy

Sparky - 1/23/2005 - 1/16/2017

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Purred: Wed Jun 11, '14 6:22am PST 
That pet sitter loves us hug and we love her too - we are SO lucky to have found her.
If it wasn't for her, mom would never leave us alone. Mom thought about taking us, but it's going to be pretty hot and we'd have to spend a lot of the time in the trailer - probably not too fun for us. At home we will be a lot happier!

I'll make sure mom pops in when she gets home and let you all know how it went!

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Purred: Wed Jun 11, '14 11:45pm PST 
A trailer! My mom wants one. That's so great!

My mom used to have a great sitter for Apollo, my cat brother at the Bridge. My mom misses her.cry Now my mom only trusts us with grandma and grandpa, but because of Shyla, everyone is nervous to watch her and leave her for more than a couple hours. She misses my mom a lot. Halo and I like Grandpa better than my mom. shh.
Shyla likes him more than mom for fun and playing, but is more attached to mom.

Sparky - 1/23/2005 - 1/16/2017

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Purred: Fri Jun 13, '14 6:09am PST 
Mom's boyfriend has a toy-hauler. It's pretty big cause they put his little Toyota 4x4 in there! That's what they will be "playing" with the second week.

We are super attached to mom. but the sitter says within a couple days, we all just settle in and accept that she is "mom". We have done it before, so it's probably easier that way. And she's a vet tech, so mom feels super comfortable cause if anything happens we know she knows what to do! and mom leaves an authorization for her to get us treatment if she needs to. We hope not, but just in case!

this is my last day before mom leaves - so you all have a great couple weeks and I'll see you when mom gets back.


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Purred: Fri Jun 13, '14 1:16pm PST 
Oh, how fun!! That's so cool!!

Your sitter is also a vet tech! Oh, your mom is lucky!! hamster dance