Nonstop Pawtying - Celebrating Lyn, Elaine, Vonda and Larissa's Birthday!

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Jack - RIP

Big Black Teddy- Bear
Purred: Sat Jun 14, '14 9:09am PST 
We also have flowers and a gift basket! Enjoy your day, Larissa! wishesflowers


Wine and chocolates gift basket

Purrs & best wishes,
Jack, Felix, Critter & Coco

♥- Angel - ♥

Kissy-face ...- wiggle paws
Purred: Sat Jun 14, '14 7:04pm PST 
Meowlo everybody cloud 9

Mum is blown away by all the wonderful Birthday wishes and beautiful prezzies and yummies; she said to say Thank Mew to you all big hug

The Boyz & I made her a cake & before she saw it, we each sampled it wink

Black, White and Pink Cat Yarn Cake

♥- Angel Merlin- &hearts

Zzzzzzzz ...- food ...- zzzzzzzzz
Purred: Sat Jun 14, '14 7:06pm PST 
and I gathered together these roses so I could sniff & sleep next to them, but they're really for Mum wink

Pink Roses Bouquet

♥- Mason- ♥

Slinky, soft,- smoochy, snaky, - that's me
Purred: Sat Jun 14, '14 7:20pm PST 
drinks time hi5

Mum's favourites: Grey Goose Flavoured Vodkas

and because she was out nearly all day & night, as pay-back, Angel, Merlin & I had a soccer match at night in the dining room using our dried kibble as mini soccer balls;

it was fun ~ kibble spread all over the downstairs carpet & even on the stairs big grin

needless to say, she's not very happy this morning confused

Twix- (Forever- Missed)

Mrs. Chinacat - Alfie's Wifey -
Purred: Sun Jun 15, '14 9:46pm PST 
Vonda, Larissa ~ I hope you both had a wonderful birthday. ♥

*Twixy gives Vonda & Larissa each flowers and a birthday cake*

I hope you will like the birthday gifts I picked out for you ..

Spa Basket

Chocolate Basket

Chocolate Wine ..Mom tried this earlier and said it was really good!

Trip to Hawaii

♥- Angel - ♥

Kissy-face ...- wiggle paws
Purred: Mon Jun 16, '14 6:31pm PST 
OMC !!!

Mum's just blown away by these pawsome gifts ~ the flowers, the cake, the spa basket, the chocolate basket and the new Chocolate Wine cheer

and a Trip to Hawaii !!! wow - that looks like a dream come true cloud 9

is she goes, we go too laugh out loud

it's so darned cold here, all of us would do anything to get away to the tropics applause

Mum says Thank You over & over big hug

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