A new forum for us


Luvin life out- of the shelter
Purred: Sat Jan 18, '14 6:47am PST 
With the sad announcement of Catster closing, I have decided to start a new forum where all of us can still get together. Please feel free to join Here Kitty Kitty, a very user friendly forum that is set up similar to Catster but includes a live chat and a gallery for all our pictures. The forum can be found here:

Here Kitty Kitty

Also for those that have furbabies with urinary issues, I also have a FLUTD group on Facebook and people are welcome to join that also; It can be found here:

The FLUTD Group
I hope to see some of you at either place.


Our Angel - Missed Dearly!
Purred: Sat Feb 1, '14 4:12pm PST 
Thank you for doing this for all of us!!

Jason Hopper

The Jas
Purred: Sun Feb 2, '14 1:28pm PST 
How does it work? Everything looks the same. I can never find anything on that site. I think there are better places to go to Sonny.


Purred: Thu Feb 6, '14 10:32pm PST 
I will post a link to this on FaceBook.


The Queen Bee!
Purred: Sat Mar 1, '14 8:31pm PST 
Hi Sonny! My brother Seamus and I are only new here, since the communities are now staying open, is this group going to get used more or should we join Here Kitty Kitty? We would love to make more friends smile