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Hey Pen Paws!

Commander Sir Snowy here! If you don't know me I'm the 6 year old kitty abandoned who had an angel on my shoulder. Now my mom and I are going to spread the word about abandoned brethren.

We're going to open a cat cafe in Milan Italy. So, what's a cat caffe, you may ask? Well , it's a place where people can meet and interact with cats in real life! It's not a new idea, it's been around since 1998..BUT IT WILL BE THE FIRST IN ITALY!

So you may ask. what will we do? First of all, as part of our family of cats, we'll take cats from animal shelters who've been abandoned, Those adult cats who have no hope of being adopted and give them a forever home with us. They will be the representatives to give hope to others. We'll try to get as many cats forever homes as possible. Also, humans will a have purrrfect experience and snuggles with our cat ambassadors.

We intend to have an art gallery, cafe, classes in the education of animal care, conducted by experts in the field. to adults and schools.

I had an angel looking out for me and also Bast and Zorro. We want to lookout for others. We feel it's our challenge.

Hopefully we can get help on two fronts to help us achieve this dream..

My mom is going to set up a crowd funding page, to realise this dream of ours. She's still in the process. We're planning to accept donations from 5 Euro and up. All donations with a present from us to those who contribute.


What I dearly hope is that all my catster duds and duddettes can come up with a name for this caffe! We think it has to be different and spectacular.

The winner of the name selected, will have an official plaque in a place of honor at our cat caffe and whenever they come to Milan, Italy, unlimited visits for them and their family.

I'm dreaming big dreams of helping my brethren. Hopefully, others will dream with us and make this dream come true.

Commander Sir Snowy...dreamer with a purpose


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Wow, that sounds really awesome! We will definitely send out a message to the group about it!