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i am beautiful
Purred: Mon Jan 6, '14 12:20pm PST 
Great job, guys! We can continue with the story next weekend or start a new one, but now it's Monday which is nonfiction day. You can tell a story about a past experience in your life or something like that! So lets do this!


i am beautiful
Purred: Tue Jan 7, '14 9:07am PST 
Well, it looks like its poetry day! happy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance You can write haiku's name poems or whatever you would like. But like I said earlier remember the RULES before you WRITE. So anyways, i think i will write a haiku.

Birds are watching me
I am watching them closely
to get my first catch.


oh and i can also show you a few poems that you might want to try and don't know how to do.....

name poem

S- is for my SUPERB hunting skills
A- is for my AWESOMENESS
P- is for my PRETTINESS
P- is for being PLEASINGLY PLUMP
H- is for my HUNTING skills
I- is for my amazing INTELLIGENCE
R- is for my RADIANT beauty
E- i for EVERYTHING else!


furry, cute
purring, scratching, prowling
beds, food, fur, animals
barking, running, licking
slobbery, funny
so here are a few poems. Try 'em out, it'll be fun!


i love my sisfur
Purred: Tue Jan 7, '14 9:21am PST 
i think i will go with the simple poems like a haiku.

laugh out loud

i sat on my bed
i look out of the window
and watch the flowers


Black cats are- the best
Purred: Tue Jan 7, '14 1:26pm PST 
Black as Night
It hides in the shadows,
Bright golden orbs
Watching the movements
Of the unsuspecting before it;
Then, suddenly, it strikes,
And Death claims yet another victim
As the Panther snatches its Prey.


i am beautiful
Purred: Sun Jan 12, '14 6:07pm PST 
Great job everyone! way to go Well, it looks like it's free fun day! Time to get back to our story!

I'll start us off again!

When the brave knight saw Bella, they instantly fell in love.


i am beautiful
Purred: Tue Feb 25, '14 1:39pm PST 
Well, it looks like its Tuesday, and you know what that means!!!!! It's poetry day!!!!applauseapplauseapplauseapplause And remember even when we are not reminding you what day it is, you can look in the beginning of the threads to see, and you can keep on posting. So let's get started.

Roses are red
violets are blue
and i would like
a pot of bird stew!

yeah, it's a bit cliche but that's ok!

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