Halloween stories


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Purred: Fri Oct 25, '13 3:32pm PST 
Hey guys!!!!!wavewavewavewave

today we are going to play a Halloween game where we each tell scary stories. But not too scary!!!!wink But that's not it, before you do a story someone has to pick a theme for you to do.

Example: you would put your story with your given theme like "pumpkin patch scares" and then you would give the next person a theme.

And just to get you started, us admin will demonstrate it for you. happy dancehappy dancekittykittyhappy dancehappy dancekittykitty

So here's the theme:

"Trick or treat horror"


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Ok, so I will demonstrate how to do it for you.....

my theme was trick-or-treat horror, so here goes....

once on a spooky Halloween night, Purrcilla and her kitty friend Meowmeow were going on a trick-or-treat expedition. They hadn't received much catnip that night, and they were almost about to give up, but suddenly they heard a noise coming from the large house down the road. This was the scariest house on the block that no one dared go near, but they were desperate for catnip, so they went up to the house and knocked on the door, and an old, grizzly cat came up to the door and they nervously called, "Trick or Treat!!!!" The old cat leaned in a little closer acting like he didn't hear them, but when they called it again, he yelled "Trick!!!" And ate all of their catnip, then he tore off his fake beard, and they saw he was the meanest tomcat on the block that always took their catnip, but instead of getting mad they just walked home, without catnip. But when they walked into their dark house, the room filled with light and everyone in the neighborhood shouted, "Happy Halloween!!!!" And gave them lots of catnip. It turned out that since it was Purrcilla's birthday so no one gave them candy and as a surprise they went to her house and gave her the best Halloween party ever.
The end.

yeah, that was a bit long but you can make it shorter or even longer!happy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance

so here's your next theme.... "Midnight pumpkins"