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Purred: Thu Oct 17, '13 10:12am PST 
Hey pup pals!!! Long time!!! Mommy got our Halloween pics up finally!! And were planning a Halloween pawty for ourselves this year (paws crossed it works out)

We have SOOOOOO much to update you guys on, some good, some not so good, some scary, but mostly GOOD!! *or be good soon!! we are excited!! Mommy is gonna try VERY hard to get that update done before Halloween!!

We hope everyone is well, and please DO count us in for SSS as a pack or 2 groups.

Have A Happy Halloween!!!hamster dance Back soon!!!

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Purred: Thu Oct 17, '13 11:37am PST 
wave we look forward to hearing all your news and updates Sheena and yes, I'll be sure to put your pack down for our Secret Senji Santa Gift Exchange!


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Purred: Sat Oct 19, '13 4:46pm PST 
wavewavewavewavewave Sheena! We'll be looking out for your updates and stories about your Halloweenie pawty. That sounds like a lot of fun.

And YES...Secret 'Senji Santa is just around the corner. Our favorite time of year! snoopysnoopycheercheercheerdancingdancingdancingcheer

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yes its just around the corner snoopy

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'Senji Santa!!!dancingcheerdancing


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Purred: Wed Oct 30, '13 10:10pm PST 
People don't really celebrate Halloweeeeen much here in Australia. There is a skool near our new house tho so we might get to sniff some kids tonight if they come by for some chocolates!

happy dance