Hey y'all


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Purred: Wed Oct 16, '13 11:48am PST 
Hello Senji friends. I have been away for a long time. I hope you all still will be my friends. I have so much to tell you - good and bad. And I have missed so many events. I'm so sad to see that Banners went to rainbow bridge. So did my weenie sister Cheryl Lee. And Petty Pig just died day before yesterday. Please don't be mad wid me. I'll catch y'all up wid my news soon.


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Rikki, look at your Basenji manual under section 2.402-a. It says that no one can ever be mad at a Basenji for any reason whatsoever. So none of us are mad at you. It's against the rules.

We're sorry to hear about Cheryl Lee and your pig pal. It's so hard to lose a family member. Our thoughts are with you. hughughug

We look forward to hearing your news. We're so happy to hear from you. Lots of 'senji love to your whole family.

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wave Rikki don't lose my number...you don't want to call no body else.....

I'm singing that Steely Dan song. Hi Rikki! We miss you and no one is mad. I'm so happy to hear from you and from Sheena! Me and mom are always worried that our little group is dwindling down and no one comes to say hi and stuff anymore!

Please stop by more often. We're sorry for your losses. oh and yes...banners went to the bridge last year in July. Has it been that long since we've seen you???

write back.
I'm sure Banners will help Cheryl Lee and Piggy at the bridge. We miss banners all the time.



Runnin' like the- wind!
Purred: Thu Oct 17, '13 12:56pm PST 
I don't think I've been on since I posted that Otis died March 2012. It has been a really long time. I promise to do better!

I'm glad you guys aren't madders at me. hamster dance

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Don't ever think we're mad at you.

So much has happened in our lives that I guess we lost track of time. Savannah passed away July 23 2012 so yes you missed that heartbreak.

It's so sad when we lose the ones we love so much.


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Hi Rikki! I'm with Talker 'n' Patan. No one gets mad on or at the Bratz!!! It's impossible 'n' definitely against the rules!!!
My fur-sis Egypt is at the Bridge, too, with Banners 'n' looking for Cheryl Lee and Piggy to give them a royal 'senji welcome!!!hughughug


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Purred: Thu Oct 31, '13 11:22pm PST 
Yay! Rikki is back!! wave Our fluff sister Ella passed away last year and Mama was sad for a long long time. It is gooders that she lets us back on the 'puter to talk to our 'senji friends again. Welcomez back!