2013 Holiday Card Exchange

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Tail Waggin'- Mutt
Purred: Sat Oct 12, '13 10:36am PST 
If you would like to participate in the holiday card exchange, please sign up no later than November 12th. This gives you plenty of time to get all your cards ready and to be shipped out.

Message me your shipping address. Cards should be shipped out by December 1st. I will message you all of the pups and kitties shipping addresses so that you will be able to send them a card!

Pups and kitties participating in the holiday card exchange -

Sophie Claire and Harley Davidson
Alex and Nikki
Peanut and Willow
Maximus and Buford
Kiko and Bambi
Marley & Pepper & Riley & Dodger
Peanut and Willow
Hunter and Smokey
Buster and Brea

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Tassy- Susanne

My Babies Are My- World
Purred: Sat Oct 12, '13 12:52pm PST 
Hi Howard, Tassy here. We have all our Cards, Stamps and are ready for the Card Exchange. We got prepared early this year. Now all we need is the names and addresses where they are to go. The mail man is gearing up for our mail. He cracks up every year. He has put in for our area already big laugh

1. Scooter
2. Red
3. Maggie May
4. Tawny Pearl (Pearl)
5. Natalie
6. Me Tassy
7. Violet (our Rescue Baby Girl)
8. Snoopy
9. Cricket
10. Ruby

If you have late comers, please send us their names and address's and we will see to it they get a card.

Tassy, The Brewster Crew & Grandma/mama Nancy

HarleyDavids- on THD, CGC

Loved to be- loved
Purred: Sat Oct 12, '13 2:17pm PST 
Please add Sophie Claire and HD to the HCE!

☆ Max- ☆

What's that?
Purred: Sun Oct 13, '13 8:47am PST 
Count me in!snoopysnoopysnoopy


Laying on my- back is the- best!
Purred: Sun Oct 13, '13 8:56am PST 
We love getting the cards from all of our Dogster friends.dancing

Alex CGC,- TD

I`m cute and I- know it
Purred: Sun Oct 13, '13 2:17pm PST 
Count Nikki and Alex in !!

Peanut "BB"- Sweet Angel

Mommy\'s little- suction cup
Purred: Sun Oct 13, '13 3:12pm PST 
Me & Willow are in Howard!! I pmailed you our address. Thanks! blue dog

wave Hiya Homer! Hi everybody!wave


I herd kitties,- want to help
Purred: Sun Oct 13, '13 3:34pm PST 
Me and Duke love to get cards, count us in again. Think you have our address.

♥Maxi- mus♥

hugs- and- kisses
Purred: Sun Oct 13, '13 4:05pm PST 
count us in smile


Her motto is
Purred: Wed Oct 16, '13 10:25am PST 
we love getting cards. And sending them. Piloux and Lily

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