2013 Football Picks Game!

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Nonny - DG # 10

Purred: Mon Feb 3, '14 10:05am PST 
First,I am so glad to see that all of our regular Arcade visitors have
found their way to FB Tigger's Arcade. To all the FB newbies, we will get through it together!! hug

Second,could that game have been any more onesided and boring? The Seahawks were dominant.They deserve to be holding the Lombardi Trophy. But what a horrible display by the Broncos.

I guess Tigger and I really were the kiss of death this year.
Manning does choke..But never would have saw that coming to such a degree. He broke some more records yesterday. But not the ones you want next to your name!!


Purred: Mon Feb 3, '14 10:55am PST 
I agree Nonny.... that game was purthetic!! cry


Tig DaCatt!
Purred: Tue Feb 25, '14 10:29am PST 
With all of the Catster drama,I never did post our....

2013 FINAL RESULTS!(including playoffs)

1--Kallie--166-97 .631
2--Pounce--162-102 .614
3--Nonny--150-119 .558
4--Bug--145-105 .580
5--Monida--135-118 .534
6--Tigger--128-106 .538

Concats to our Top Cat for the season---KALLIE!

I may retire the best percentage trophy....just go with the most wins....

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