Show and Tell - Friday 8/9


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What've you all got to show and tell this week?

I'm showing Keyah's naked tail. She's chewed all the fur off of the base of it.


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red face

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ooooh Keyah!!!! That's not good at all. hughughughug

I'm showing my cough. Listen.

*hack hack accccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk*

I get it every morning and mom and dad are perplex. Can allergies cause a cough? I don't cough during my morning walk. Only in the morning. Mom says it's like an old man cough. Can that be?
red face
But then it goes away.

Sometimes it happens in the afternoon and my gramma thinks I'm choking.

*hack hack ackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk*

red face

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Mom has a tell....she's more or less venting and trying to get a handle on things. Here's mom:

Things are going better with my niece and she is really working her program--AA meetings and NA meetings and being responsible at the recovery home. She's even being what they call a big sister and being assigned as support person for the new girls coming into the program.

The problem is her relationships with her dad and her grandmother (my mom). My brother thinks she owes him something and my mom thinks the baby is hers. my niece had another day pass yesterday which means she spends 8 hours off site visiting with her baby. My niece says she feels that my mom acts like she's not capable of tending to the baby. The whole purpose of the visit is to allow my niece bonding time and to have her interact and care for the baby so she can learn to be a mother to the baby. I truly do not see anything wrong that my niece is doing but yet my mom is so curt with her and rolls her eyes and sometimes won't let go of the baby. I have to literally take the baby away from my mom. My niece told her that she only sees the baby 6.5 hours (b/c two of the hours are spend at a meeting which she has to attend while out on a day pass) and my mother says nothing.

More and more my niece is finally opening up and talking and sharing her childhood and the things she has done. I'm finding out stuff about how my brother raised her and how she was around drugs all her life and that's my brother's doing since he had custody of her when she was three. She's had a lot of issues growing up and I can see how turning to drugs gave her the escape she needed. I can see my brother's role in it and how it's affected her.

I feel so in the middle and I'm going to try talking to my mom but this all reminds me of how I would plead with my mother to stop yelling at Lauren and to stop trying to control every part of her life. It seems like we're all reliving the past.

I've attended a few of these AA meetings and listen to others and their stories and I'm seeing how much it sounds like my niece's story. frown