August 2nd Friday Show and Tell

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I read on the other site, that Patan braved the day alone in his house while Keyah had to go to the vet. His mom published a pic of Patan in his thunder shirt. smile Banners had one of those. I wonder how it worked. I hope Patan gives us the Tell.

Well mom's good friend Margaret whom she's known for about 32 years and have worked with her for the last 24 years is leaving the District.

Mom is very sad and knows that tomorrow is going to be a hard day.

Friends like Margaret are hard to come by. She's a good friend and a fun friend who has given my mom hours and hours of laughter. They get each other.

She's retiring and mom is happy for her but knows that it's going to be hard being at work with her friend there to help make the days go by.

So partypartyparty for Margaret and cry for mom.


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Yes! It's true. I stayed home ALL BY MYSELF for at LEAST an hour. And so far, no one has found any of the damage I have caused...I mean, I didn't cause any damage. shh

Keyah had to go to the vet suddenly because Dad noticed that Keyah couldn't put any pressure on her right front leg. She is much better today. She must have jumped off of something and slipped. Mom bought pet stairs for the bed and couch, but we both just jump over them. shrug

Talker, I hope your mom did ok today. I'm sure it's going to be a hard transition for your mom. I hope that she and her friend can still see each other regularly. And I bet your mom's friend will enjoy some updates about antics from the office. She's probably going to miss being a part of all the action.

Speaking of changes in the office, Mom's office mate was let go this week. It's been a strange week. Mom feels pretty bad for her because she was not well suited for the job, but management hired her anyhow in spite of everyone's concerns. She's been on probation for 9 months and it was generally felt that there was nothing to be done. Mom was pretty surprised when they finally let her go. Why they hired someone with no medical background to work in a cardiology research office, we'll never know. But hopefully she finds something that plays to her strengths. It's been a tough 9 months with everyone (especially Mom who shared an office with her) having to do the bulk of her work.

She did throw everyone in the office under the bus when she was let go. Mom doesn't know what was said about her. And we're thinking there may be a lawsuit in the near future. Mom's hoping she's out of the office and in a new city by then.

Hoomans are sooooo much drama!!!!! Why don't they just snark and move on like us Basenjis?!?!?!

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Purred: Sat Aug 3, '13 4:49am PST 
So much change going on for all you pups and pawrents!

I am going holisitc n' stuff with these new coconut oil supplements and kelp-salmon oil supplements for my food. It's supposed to help me a lot.

In addition to everyone from BRAT on that other side giving good advice, the owner of the boutique pet store where mama got the stuff emailed with Mama and has been treating pups holistically for 20 years. Mama is excited for me, and I, of course, am always willing to be made more handsome and comfortable.

I took a walk by the ocean last night with Mama and Daddy. I was fine with the sand, but the wet stuff was awful. I ran like a little girl when the waves came up close to me. Ugh! My paws are made of sugar, don't you know?


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Talker tell you mom our mom knows what that's like and she will keep her in good thoughts!!! hug

You look super awesome on that stump!!

Congrats Paten!!! That is awesome!!! Keba has some super brave news to tell too.
Your poor mom, that's horrible!! :-( Our moms are having trouble with the fl medical system and Mommy will more than likely wind up having to travel back to NC for her next surgery. That should be interesting!!!

Denny, that's VERY cool, I hope it works for you!! The mommy's started coconut oil about 4 months ago or so, replacing most cooking oil with it and baking it in cookies and whipping in smoothies etc and Mommy LOVES it!!! She said she is going to try Sparkle and Farrah on it soon to see if it will help with their itchy skin, she said she bets it will as its helping her psoriasis a lot.

So my news to share is that we are back on our "toxic" flea chemicals. Mommy said we have way to much going on right now to keep pursuing natural methods, Mommy said we are going to keep our natural spay for when we go to the dog park, its Vet's Best Flea + Tick Home Spray, mommy says it smells like cloves, we think it STINKS but I guess that's what keeps the bugs away. Mommy said our dog park is full of fleas and we have to be sprayed before going in as extra protection.

OH and you guys have to go get the Kong ice treats they are SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOODERS Mommy even pureed some watermelon and 1tbl milk and froze that for us once OMD its so good!!!! You got to get your pawrents to get you guys one!!!!


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So I have two tells this week!!!! First I have began DRINKING at the water stop during WALKIE workout!!!! You know outside in the public!!!!! This is the first time I have drunk outside of our home (unless we were hiking in the woods and there were no other people) The Mommies get SO excited and praise me every single morning!!!!

And my other tell is this.... I have started my own MOB!!!!! You can call me "THE Cookie Boss" Let me explain, the way we walkie with Mommy's scooter is Me, Wee Wee, Darlin and Boo are on the right side and we have a small amount of space in our leashes so when we are stopped we can walk around a little to poop and drink etc. (Sparkle and I poop in the road, Sheena and Boo need to poop on the grass with the flexie and the rest of the people don't poop on the walkie) but I digress.... So Darlin is obnoxious and barks her head off at other dogs, cats, people, and Boo is obnoxious because when Dar starts barking he would start jumping up and down spinning and bucking and trying to chew his leash to go get whatever Dar was barking at. (family shrug )
So Mommy said enough of this and Darlin "knows" better but if Mommy gets sloppy with her reinforcements and redirecting (which she had) then Dar will "amp up" and get out of control. So Mommy brought out the cookie training treats and has been getting them in line all summer. (Now they are both to the point that when we pass a barking dog and Boo keeps 4 paws on the ground and Darlin stays quiet they get a cookie after we are clear of the dog/house/etc.

So I started hearing chewing and looked over my shoulder (cause I'm lead dog on the right side) and SAW this whole deal of these two getting slipped cookies and nobody else.... So I thought long and hard about this and decided my best bet like any good gangster would be to cut off the supply unless the spoils would be shared with me!!!!

So now when I hear a dog bark or we pass a problem house person etc You know what I DO NOW....... Your gonna love it......

I slowdown and backup so that I am running in heal position on Mommys side and this forces Darlin and Boo backwards next to the stroller, so Mommy CAN NOT reach them to give them a cookie if she wanted!!!!!!! HA!!!!!! So as soon as we pass the dog I get my cookie reward FIRST and then I move forward to my normal running spot and allow Boo and Dar to get theirs!! happy dancehappy dance

Am I SMART or what!!!!!!!!!! Mommy said I'm WAY WAY WAY WAY to smart for my own good (just the way she likes a basenji! BOLBOLBOLBOLBOLBOL)


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Purred: Sat Aug 3, '13 7:22am PST 
My tell is it will be a year on Tuesday that we lost Phoebe cry Mommy and I are cuddling a lot and trying not to be sad together.

Mommy said she wants to get back into scrapping all our adventures, but that its hard for her because of all the undone pages for Phoebe and Kessy, and Sukeena!! And she feels guilty scrapping new stuff, yet is still to sad to scrap theirs just yet.
So I've been giving Mommy lots of extra cuddles, this cuddling thing ROCKS by the way! And you know what else I did? I walked up to Mommy and clawed a paper towel out of her hand, (I love paper towels) and Mommy was SO shocked that she could only LOLOLOLOLOL at me, I didn't get in trouble or nothing. BOL


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Purred: Sat Aug 3, '13 7:25am PST 
I have the last tell. I have had my first thyroid med adjustment since getting stabilized due to...... My weight loss!!!!! Mommy said I was getting grumpy and so Jonie ran me up to see Dr C and Ive lost enough to drop my med!!! I have a tuck now and am almost sleek. Mommy said I'm still losing just slowly which is good for someone who can be mean BOL Mommy said I'm a big basenji still tall and just big anyway but now I'm down to 29lbs!!! From 41 when I came out of the shelter!! cheercheer

Please keep us in your prayers and good vibes, on top on Mommy's medical stuff, Joanie mommy has a torn ligament in her foot and is hobbling around in a boot 24/7 for the next severe weeks.

Big love to all our pals!!!!
Pack 10


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Purred: Sat Aug 3, '13 2:22pm PST 
Yeah The Pack 10!!!
So good to see you all again. Boy you had lots to tell.
Fleas!!! UGH guess we're all having itchy problems.
We know how you feel about losing your Phoebe. We had our first anniversary since banners passed. So we are experiencing those "firsts" of everything. Its hard. hughug

Keba you are smart to figure out those sneaky cookies getting passed you. Good thinking!!

Farrash! We need to see new pictures of you wiff your new figure.

Thanks puppers for your support wiff my mom. Tuesday morning will be hard for her but she'll get through.

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Redefining the- word edible.
Purred: Sun Aug 4, '13 12:56pm PST 
applauseapplauseapplauseapplause Way to go Keba! I would expect no less from a Basenji.

And Congrats to Farrah on all the weight loss. 12 pounds! eek Keep up the good work.

Sparkle, keep up with the snuggles. Mom says they are the best medicine ever.

We'll have fingers and paws crossed for everyone.

p.s. Keyah is still limping but it is much better. The stinky part is NO LONG WALKS until she is better. Dad was going to take me out by myself yesterday but he ended up putting on Keyah's leash too. I guess out of habit or he felt bad. So we drove to one of our usual walks on the beach, but we just ended up sniffing for awhile and then going home without walking. I guess I'm glad Keyah got to go, even if we didn't get to walk.

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Purred: Mon Aug 5, '13 10:26pm PST 
Patan, stick it out. I remember mom always felt bad for leaving banners behind when she couldn't walk wiff us--even though dad was giving her extra treats while I had to leave the house. When we did walk together it was slow and it wasn't until we got the stroller that we moved a bit faster.

I know it's a bummer to not get a good walk in but it's better to have Keyah healthy and well...or else you'll be home alone! eek And that's not good.

Well tomorrow is mom's first day back to work without her friend and co worker. Let's see how mom makes it.

way to go

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