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Noel -(in- loving- Memory)

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Mommy rescued me from an animal shelter b/c I was tossed in the streets at the age of 16. Mommy wasn't sure on how long I was gonna live - didn't plan on it being a long time - but today I was found under the little one's bed just about gone - and 10 minutes later I died.

Mommy is sad, but not very sad. She is more glad she was able to have me die in a warm home vs the animal shelter (which she said would have been bad)

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Hi Noel!!wave Welcome to the Bridge!!! welcome I'm glad Your Mom took You from the Shelter so Your last Days were surrounded with Love!!! That was a very special thing She did even though You were older!!! little angel

Noel -(in- loving- Memory)

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This is the mommy peaking. P

I am sad that Noel is gone, yes. But I am not curled up in tears like I was with Baybee and pouncer. When noel came in I knew he was gonna die. It coulda been less than a year, it could have been two or three but I had no way of knowing how his other owners treated him. He could hardly walk when he got her and boy was he grouchy. Is it wrong I am not super upset here

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No I don't think it's wrong. You were probably prepared for it because of His age. You knew it could come at any time. How long did You have him for?

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2 months - but the way he walked - he walked like an old man - he hated to be picked up - petting was fine. you had to leave him alone (except my son) always growling or grumbling It was very hard for him to walk, we would pick him up to get him on beds or the couch b/c he couldn't make it


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Welcome Pouncer ! you are most welcome to be with us at the rainbow
here we just fly little angellittle angel which is easier for us hughug