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Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

Talk of the- Town!
Purred: Tue Feb 5, '13 9:03pm PST 
Always at the end of these challenges, we ask for your feedback -- pawsitive and negative. Don't worry about hurting our feelings as we (us Judges) are old and wise and know that hearing your feedback/comments are always useful and welcomed.

So please share your thoughts here.


Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

Talk of the- Town!
Purred: Wed Feb 6, '13 6:45pm PST 
shrug what no feedback? I hope we didn't scare anyone. I hope you all don't think that your comments will affect our judging. winklaugh out loud


I'm a good boy!
Purred: Wed Feb 6, '13 7:34pm PST 
I was wracking my little brain to come up with something but I couldn't laugh out loud

You judges have done an excellent job! way to goway to go


Counter surfers- get more snacks.
Purred: Wed Feb 6, '13 8:14pm PST 
Great job! cloud 9

Van Winkle

Call Me Winkie!
Purred: Wed Feb 6, '13 9:20pm PST 
I've been in all six DDPC's, and each one has been more challenging than the last! That's a good thing! I know I'm competing way over my head now, but I'm also learning a lot and trying to see with different eyes. And my (often audible) frustration finally bore fruit in the form of a new camera for my birthday! laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

I especially appreciate the new approach to scoring, with less emphasis on adding up points. It felt less pressured, and less disappointing not to get any! I was more interested in pointers than points, and I got a lot of those! Good job, judges! I know this group is a lot of work for you, and we do appreciate your dedication! flowers


Do you even- lift?
Purred: Wed Feb 6, '13 9:54pm PST 
Had a blast! My favorite challenge and picture I ended up with was the depth of field, but I also really like the perspective collages (and PicMonkey!).

I'm not a huge fan of the Ball, Basket, Bowl, Bond type challenges, just because they seem so random. I guess I like the ones that are a little more structured.

Had a lot of fun, and can't wait for the next DDPC. As said, I know you judges put a lot of work into this group and I really appreciate it. The whole atmosphere is very upbeat and supportive, and I like that the competition comes second to having fun and learning new things. Thanks so much!


To Know Me Is To- Love Me
Purred: Thu Feb 7, '13 5:38am PST 
Even though I missed the mark on most of the challenges, I had a really good time and more importantly I'm learning new and challenging things!

The judges have put in a ton of time and they do a good job. I can't even imagine having the responsibility that the judges are open to questions and I appreciate that a bunch!

Good job!


Whippy- The- Whipador
Purred: Thu Feb 7, '13 6:51am PST 
I've gotta say, this was by FAR my fave DDPC because the challenges seemed more tailored to everyone. In previous DDPC's there has been some really random and difficult challenges and i think the last one was the main reason i sat out because i don't really like the shots where i have to use props or set things up to much and they're not pictures i tend to keep afterwards. But this time the challenges have been more "normal" and as you said originally Talker, more about the camera.

I think you've done a great job judging as usual and if the next DDPC is anything like this one, then you may well see us again there! way to go

Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Purred: Thu Feb 7, '13 10:35am PST 
Havent you heard enough of my comments and frustrations ??? ! big laughbig laugh

I have watched these groups for the last 4 you have done. Often seeing a few of the photos as some of the people are my Pals.

The sheer hard work the Judges have put into this is totally without question.. and always.. Thankyou for all you have done.

I joined this time.. and honestly wasnt fully comfortable doing so still simply because I dont "dress up" my animals.. I rarely if ever pose them... and I truely felt I did not want to do that.

Tyler above , addressed that too. It seems you have changed that format this time... and from others comments also above... they too are more comfortable with the format you have decided on now

I joined because I wanted to see fully what others were DOING !! It is ALWAYS great to see others who create.. in whatever field or craft and style. It expands imagination.. it confirms that you arent alone in your errors.. but also.. not alone in your triumphs.

Opinions as ever are subjective.. what I may like.. may not be what you like.. and vice versa. Yes... there is a needed stated standard.. but what the individual sees and feels differs with all beyond that.

What that gives is a wonderful diversity... and a futhering of ideas.. all good.

I really would have liked to have seen at least one Challenge that didnt HAVE to contain the dogs/cats. It could.. but didnt have to. It could have been a free choice.. that would be hard to judge on anything but technique... not really what anyone would want at this level.

The alternative would be (for example) Animal (anything that breathes !) Vegetable(plants/trees)... Mineral (natural subject-anything that doesnt breathe!).A mixed subjuct matter allowing room for emotion and attempt as well as skill. More open to different skill levels and camera types. That.... is a general thought.. not a detailed plan !

One other "maybe" suggestion. I do think the 6 month limit on the use of a previously taken photo is very fair. Just a thought though... that if you allowed one year.. it would give use from the 4 seasons.. even if some of us dont have "4" !!!. Just a thought...

That said.... I have LOVED seeing others passions...The points system was well thought out.. and for all... it never has been about points and "winning".

Thankyou Talker and Savvy and con joined family members !

Thankyou fellow Snappers !

(Well you DID ask for a comment !!!!!!! big laugh )

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Do you even- lift?
Purred: Thu Feb 7, '13 1:24pm PST 
Oh, and I was going to mention, I like the idea of having the final challenge be a redo. I think most of us had at least one picture where after the judging we had an "ohhhhh" moment and understood what we could have done differently. So the chance to resubmit a picture was nice.

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