Challenge 5 - Fans (Celebrating LIFE OR The Monotony and Practicality of LIFE

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Purred: Tue Jan 29, '13 9:03pm PST 
Post here Abbie Fan!


Counter surfers- get more snacks.
Purred: Wed Jan 30, '13 2:54pm PST 
Abbie loves to roll in mud, dead things, and poop. Earlier this month I took her for a walk at the duck pond and she spotted some duck poop and during what any poop loving girl loves she dropped and rolled in the poop. She is obviously enjoying herself.

Life is good!


I'm a good boy!
Purred: Wed Jan 30, '13 4:10pm PST 
I can see those poopy ducks in the background! laugh out loud

Flicka ~ CGC

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Flicka would be in 7th Heaven !!

Beautiful pic !