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Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

Talk of the- Town!
Purred: Tue Jan 22, '13 9:59pm PST 
Up High, Down Low, Inside, Sideways, Where Ever You Can Go

way to go

Gray Dawn- Treader

Don't Tread on- me
Purred: Wed Jan 23, '13 4:19am PST 
Treader and the glass door

Probably the most obvious use of the sliding glass door is that it's used to let Treader outside to do his business. When he asks to be let out he'll sometimes tap on the door with his paw.
But there's more to it than that. When he's inside, it's his view to the outside world. He likes to go there to see what's going on.
In his opinion, it's also an excellent place for napping. Or just enjoying the warmth of the sunlight.

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Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Purred: Wed Jan 23, '13 6:28am PST 
Challenge 4

Up High, Down Low, Inside, Sideways, Where Ever You Can Go .Three different perspectives with a common theme.

I have always found it interesting that the same idea , whether it be a spoken or visual thing, can look and convey difference or display continuity when viewed or heard from different angles . It can become more so when the same word can mean different things.. either by language(English English is a totally different language to American English !) or tradition or upbringing.

It can also convey a sense of joy or peace or anger or happiness as there is a connection... a path.

Perspective.. the point from which we view a life... an action...a statement, can be very important.

Here I chose to revisit the Pink Ball (these pictures taken several days after the one from last week) . What was interesting for me , was that Flicka consistently sees it as a calm special thing he is at ease with. I see it in his body language in these three views (perspectives) of the same picture .

Three perspectives with a common theme of the same photograph


Gunna get \'em!
Purred: Wed Jan 23, '13 7:10am PST 
This week we received a box of dog food I had ordered online. We all know how cats feel about boxes. Also, since my (personal) challenge this week was playing with images of each of our pets it just so happened to be Minion who was my subject.

My only regret is not having enough time to take more images, as she was having a blast playing with a string and hiding in the box. Maple enjoyed it too, and throughout the week we have left the box where they can play in, around, and on top of it. Often I find them sleeping in it.

Oh, cats and their boxes.

Minion's Box

Van Winkle

Call Me Winkie!
Purred: Wed Jan 23, '13 8:42am PST 
Last week I was thinking, "It will be nice to get some shots of Winkie next week AFTER he goes to the groomer." After six rainy winter weeks, he was looking particularly scruffy. When the Challenge was posted, it seemed like good opportunity to get some before-and-after photos for a collage on the theme of grooming day.

I learned something I never realized about Winkie. He never holds his head still. Unless he's asleep, it's very difficult to get a "studio portrait" shot like I can with Hershey. So "before" and "after" took dozens of tries!

Then, what to do for the third shot? I wanted to take some "transition" photos at the groomer's, but that was not to be. She was particularly busy yesterday, and eager to close up shop early. I managed just one or two as Winkie angled for his post-groomer treat. laugh out loud But to the initiated (which now includes you!), this collage is a summary of "Grooming Day."


I'm a good boy!
Purred: Wed Jan 23, '13 10:23am PST 
Mr Rabbit was one of Bonzer's Christmas gifts this year and he loves it. He suckles on it, cuddles it and even takes it outside with him. The idea for this story collage came from the last picture, showing Bonzer cuddling with Mr. Rabbit. That picture really melts my heart.
I thought it would be fun to write my narration to read like a children's book.

The Adventures of Bonzer and Mr. Rabbit

Bonzer and Mr. Rabbit went outside to play. They romped in the snow for awhile, throwing snow on each other and then made a snowman. Mr. Rabbit used one of his carrots for the snowman's nose. When they finished building the snowman, they were both very hungry. They came into the house and shared a meal of Blue Buffalo kibble for Bonzer (Bonzer didn't have rabbit for this meal in consideration of Mr. Rabbit laugh out loud ) and a carrot for Mr. Rabbit. After their meal, they were both very tired and settled down for a nap together, to dream of what adventures they could have tomorrow.

~ The End ~

Kitsune- Trouble

Divide and- cuddle!!
Purred: Wed Jan 23, '13 11:17am PST 
My pictures are all different angles of Kit with the infamous "Ted Bear".

Most people who know Kit, know Ted Bear. He is Kit's favorite toy. Kit's had Ted since he was a puppy. Kit plays with him, carries him around the house, grooms him, snuggles him, sleeps with name it. I, unknown to Kit, even have a secret stash of spare Ted Bear's, in case I ever need to replace the original.

A boy & his bear!


I dig in mud- puddles!
Purred: Wed Jan 23, '13 12:16pm PST 
My theme for this week’s challenge is “Sunshine, Blue Skies, and Snow”.

As you have all seen from the previous challenge, my girl is completely in her element in the snow. She absolutely loves it – rolls in it, digs though it, “otter slides” in it, makes mad pounces through it to get to her precious ball. She loves it to the point where we will make a detour to the local rink while on a walk in the spring or fall, just so that she can have a chance to play in the Zamboni pile!

I also chose sunshine and blue skies in my theme as it is in rare supply in my area in winter and so we become sun-worshippers for a few months of the year. We live at the bottom of river valley and so have many days of valley cloud.

Sunshine, Blue Skies and Snow

Capturing Rexy in different angles was challenging. I attempted some shots without looking through the viewfinder and ended up with some interesting results!! I had a really tough time choosing which images to use for this challenge.


To Know Me Is To- Love Me
Purred: Wed Jan 23, '13 1:18pm PST 
I took a different approach. You've asked us to think out of the box and asked me to be more creative and get out of my comfort zone. All 3 suggestions are addressed in my collage. My write up is on my picture.

Dandi 1st Trip To The Ocean


Grrrr's just- wanna have- fun
Purred: Wed Jan 23, '13 5:28pm PST 
We had hoped for better, but mom woke up wiff a cold didn't feel well to begin wiff... confused Then me wasn't all that co-operative, me kept moving toward the camera and the treats laugh out loud

We picked showcasing a few of my tricks which isn't as easy as it sounded... first of all, mom used "portrait" and looking back should have used "action" because me was such a "wiggle worm"

And some tricks just don't "showcase" well in stills, like "speak" laugh out loud and one that mom left in, "roll over" REALLY looks silly (which is why we left it in)... It looks more like me was the target of "cow tipping" big laugh as me decided to roll over in not the best of places red face

Tricks for Treats

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