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Van Winkle

Call Me Winkie!
Purred: Wed Jan 2, '13 6:18pm PST 
Christmas lines

This was Winkie's first Christmas with us. He's a good boy, but he has some scavenger inclinations, no doubt as a result of his days on the mean streets of East Oakland. We've learned how to Winkie-proof the house when we're going to be absent, but I was worried about the Christmas tree. I searched for months and finally found this little picket fence on a visit to St. Charles, Missouri. It cost practically nothing to buy, and a fortune to ship! But it was worth it for the peace of mind.

Once I had it all set up, I realized it wasn't really necessary! As this photo shows, Winkie took very little interest in the tree. He was so bored over there I couldn't even keep him in a "sit" for the photo. I like this shot where he seems to be saying, "Mom! Relax!" But we'll probably keep the fence, as we really liked the effect and so did our friends! These "lines" will always remind me of our first Christmas with Winkie!

(I even like the blur of the lights! I can't actually account for it, since Winkie's in focus, but it's as close as I've ever got to bokeh! laugh out loud )


I dig in mud- puddles!
Purred: Wed Jan 2, '13 8:29pm PST 
This is a photo taken during a recent walk on local trails. Snow had recently fallen, and the sun was trying desperately to peek through the clouds.

Over the last couple of years Miss Rexy has developed an intense love for chewing on sticks, the bigger the better as you can see! This photo catches her mid-chomp with a mildly ferocious look on her face.
She spent a few busy moments giving that downed tree a good once-over, and then we continued on our way.

I really like the repeated lines in the alders and maples, and especially like how the two larger trees intersect and help frame the photo.

Forest of Lines

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Smurph Man
Purred: Wed Jan 2, '13 10:30pm PST 
I decided to go with the Christmas picture I took of Murph this year! He's always had a fascination with Christmas lights whenever we bring them out every year. He stares at them and sniffs them to find out what they are! I thought this represented lines in a few ways, one being the Christmas lights all intertwined, another being the way the picture was taken. I think it sums up Murph's fascination well!

Christmas Light Lines!

Pearl Irene

Me too!
Purred: Thu Jan 3, '13 9:42am PST 
Pearl is going through the "defiant teenager" stage. She's not allowed in this hallway, but there's nothing she likes better than to push her limits, go past the line, and run free in all the forbidden places. Here is photographic evidence of her disobedience:

Past the Boundary Line

I did leave the picture crooked on purpose, as I liked the way it drew all the lines of the room toward Pearl. There are lines in the floor, lines on the doors, lines on the table and, of course, the invisible boundary line (behind the camera) that Pearl has crossed.

Winnie Mae

Just let me jump- it!
Purred: Thu Jan 3, '13 9:48am PST 
The holidays have just passed, and in our family, no gathering is complete without a huge meal. Our family dinners are always buffet-style: everyone lines up in the kitchen, fills their plate, and then scrambles to find a place at the dinner table. Winnie Mae is quite a proficient beggar. Every meal without fail, she interrupts our queue and mooches off our aunts and uncles.

So here is Winnie Mae, Waiting in Line for her Christmas dinner. It was quite a while before I was finally able to snap a clear picture of her: most of the time she was dancing around, gazing lovingly upwards, and expecting my sister to drop something!

I took a bit of a liberty with the challenge, and chose to interpret "line" in a less concrete way. The main line here is the line of people, though there are also lines in the floor, running horizontally on the kelly green cupboards, and in the jeans.


Grrrr's just- wanna have- fun
Purred: Thu Jan 3, '13 5:04pm PST 
this is MY Wall

There are many walls like it, but this wall is special... From Spring to Fall, inside this wall is a bundle of activity... The smells and sounds of squirrels within it demands my attention... I will lie in wait, for hours, just in case they come through, because me wants to be the first to "greet" them into the house!


I didn't hear- you say NO.
Purred: Thu Jan 3, '13 5:35pm PST 
Ok, a bit of a struggle getting back into the photo thing, so things are starting off a bit shakey. I actually think Domino's main photo is a much better example of "lines" but I took it a while ago and I hate to go through old pictures to see what "fits" the challenge. I think I will learn more about photography if use the challenge to "challenge" myself.

The bed is one place the "boder collie" can relax ... it's his cozy spot and he knows he can wind down and trust that his Mommy & Daddy will be on guard while he sleeps. We've got straight lines, a curvy line, messy lines on the duvet, and the cutest line of all .... the stripe down his face.


Midnight - SD

Purred: Thu Jan 3, '13 5:47pm PST 
On one of the few days it wasn't raining when we went to get our mail. I had asked Midnight to sit while I was getting the mail. When I stood back from him I started noticing all of the different lines around him make including his leash. What I liked best was how his leash & the upright stick are leaning in the same direction that Midnight is. I also like the lines made by the bottom of the tree line at the top of the hill.

♥- Sandy~SD- ♥

Handy Sandy- Loves to Dance!
Purred: Thu Jan 3, '13 5:57pm PST 
Since it was raining so much finding a dry spot wasn't that easy. On the side of our house we have an evergreen tree that gave us some protection from the rain so that I was able to take this photo of
I liked the lines that our house, trash enclosure & the leaves around her made. Mostly like the different texture of the lines around her that everything around her made.

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