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Purred: Thu Nov 29, '12 3:54pm PST 
My furiend Won Ton wash DDP Kitty today and here ish the diary:

Not a whole lot has changed since I last wrote anything here. I'm still getting medicines for my seizures. I'm still having lots of little partial seizures throughout the day (but no big grand mal seizures). I still want to sleep a lot, but not as much as I did before because some of that was due to getting too much thyroid medicine, so they adjusted my dose so I'm not forced to impersonate Sleeping Beauty anymore.

But I have been feeling a little sick in general lately, and that's because I now have kidney disease. My mom and dad give me special food for that, and it helps me feel better and it tastes pretty good too. But even so, sometimes I feel yucky and I just want to curl up in a corner and have some quiet time for a while.

My mom has been really sick lately too. Sometimes she is so sick she doesn't even care if I tread on her laptop keyboard. Usually that makes her yell. Apparently I have done some peculiar things to her computer lately but she hasn't said anything about it.

One new thing I really like is when mom is sitting in bed and I get her to lift up the covers so I can crawl underneath and have a secret cave in the tent-like space under her bent knees. It's so cozy and secret and warm under there. I feel like I could spend all day under there in a cozy little nest, especially now that our weather here has turned rainy and gloomy.

Pawleashe lendsh a paw of shupport. Thanksh you.flowers

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Sending healing energy and support.

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Wow....that's just plain sad...that breaks my heart. I'm on my way to visit Won ton


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Thanksh you Luna Rose and Scooter!big hug