Lily Beach excursion

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Lily Beach is a keyhole beach with cuts into sheer cliff on either side. There are large trees providing shade and it has a large sandy bottomed rock pool, particularly suited to young children at low tide when it is calm, although big waves can crash through anytime and caution is required. When the seas are up Lily Beach is a spectacular place to watch the waves crashing into the cliffs. A boardwalk along the cliff edge between Lilly Beach and Ethel Beach provides a look at a variety of birds including Brown Boobys and Red Footed Boobys nesting on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. A few blow-holes will add interest to your walk.


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Sign Gomer and i for this. cloud 9cloud 9

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I LOVE THE BEACH!!!!!!way to gocloud 9 Please sign me up...TY


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Oh That sounds like fun...I we see the waves at high tide


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Oh I want to see this!!1cheer


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I want to see the Booby'sbig laughbig laughbig laugh Oh and the crashing waves of coursepuppy


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