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~ Alfie's Birthday Pawty ~

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Twix- (Forever- Missed)

Mrs. Chinacat - Alfie's Wifey -
Purred: Wed Oct 31, '12 12:12am PST 
Well, it seems like my Alfie has a 3-day birthday .. daft boy..

In the past, we've always celebrated it on the 31st, so that's what I'm doing. As you all know, Alfie's Mum Lyn is away on Holiday until Nov 16th, so Alfie won't be able to pawty until she's back..

Until then, I want to decorate this room with lots of pressies and treats! (was trying to find a nice pic of a yellow room).

I'll start off with some balloons , Streamers , Yellow Cups and Plates , and Yellow Treats .

And last but not least .. Chocolate Birthday Cake!

Happy Birthday, Sweetie! I love you cloud 9

♥- Merlin- ♥

Zzzzzzzz ...- food ...- zzzzzzzzz
Purred: Wed Oct 31, '12 1:57am PST 
wow, Twixy, how ummm, yellow everything is wink

Alfie will luv it applause

Angel, Mason and I will help decorate tomorrow (our time) as we have guests, the phone keeps ringing and strange little kids keep ringing the front doorbell, tricking or treating cat on moon

Orkney- 25/10/02 - 3/1/16

I am the Alpha- Cat
Purred: Wed Oct 31, '12 7:52am PST 
Haha Merlin I bet they're thrilled to see a pair of genuine black cats on Halloween!


Yes! I am a- BratCat!
Purred: Wed Oct 31, '12 10:03am PST 
Pepper and I would like to wish Alfie a very Happy Birthday, no matter which day he is celebrating. party party
We know his mom Lyn is thinking of him as she is away in Africa.
Alfie, we hope you have a day filled with fun, lots of treats to share with your other family members and most of all, lots of cuddles and love.

Birthday Purrs and Hugs,
Sassy and Pepper

♥- Angel - ♥

Kissy-face ...- wiggle paws
Purred: Wed Oct 31, '12 3:59pm PST 
Orkney - we hid; the only "thing" the kids saw was Mum with wild hair and no dentures big grin

she doesn't need a scary mask or costume laugh out loud

Felix - In Loving- Memory

Felix the Lap- Cat
Purred: Wed Oct 31, '12 6:43pm PST 
Happy Birthday, Alfie! We hope you have a pawsome day!

Everything looks fun and festive, Twixy! You've done a great job.

Angel Purrs,
Felix & Critter
little angellittle angel


♥- Merlin- ♥

Zzzzzzzz ...- food ...- zzzzzzzzz
Purred: Wed Oct 31, '12 7:07pm PST 
party wishes hi5 party happy dance

Happy Birthday Alfie !!!

♥- Mason- ♥

Slinky, soft,- smoochy, snaky, - that's me
Purred: Wed Oct 31, '12 7:11pm PST 
party wishes hi5 party

Happy 7th Birfday Alfie !!!

here are some gifts for you happy dance

Popcorn Birthday Candle

Happy Pills

Smiley Face Cookies and Mug

Smiley Blanket

♥- Angel - ♥

Kissy-face ...- wiggle paws
Purred: Wed Oct 31, '12 7:13pm PST 
hug Happy, Happy Birfday, Alfie hug

and many happy returns cheer

here's a Cakey just for you big hug

Lemon Daisy Birthday Cake with Chokky Mousies hidden inside

cloud 9

♥- Merlin- ♥

Zzzzzzzz ...- food ...- zzzzzzzzz
Purred: Wed Oct 31, '12 8:05pm PST 
Hey, Alfie - I have a special surprise for you wink

something that made you and Twixy very happy big hug

Happy Alfie on his Wedding Day

and I hope you have both forgotten how I somehow ended up at Twixy's Catchelorette Pawty, dressed inappropriately & blushed while all the GirlKits wolf-whistled and started throwing Tuna Dollars at me to dance some more red face

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