Blue of the week and month celebrations.

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Purred: Sun Nov 30, '14 4:54pm PST 
Thank you for being pawsome Blues of the Month Roger and Humphrey way to gohug

Our new Blue of the Month for December is....Kinzy! cheercheercheer

Kinzy - Blue of the Month!

Have a great month Kinzy! partypartyparty


The Bugster
Purred: Sun Nov 30, '14 5:21pm PST 
Thank you Roger Bleu and Humphrey for being such pawsome blues of the monthpartypartypartypartyparty

Concats to Kinzy I hope your month is pawtasticpartypartypartypartyparty

I love the picture Macpartypartypartypartyparty

Czarina- Smokey Stone

She Who Must Be- Obeyed
Purred: Sun Nov 30, '14 5:24pm PST 
ConCATulations, Kinzy! cheerdancingapplause

Roger Bleu

I AM The Top Cat- In Our Home!
Purred: Sun Nov 30, '14 5:43pm PST 
Thank you, efurryone wave It was a wonderpurr honor way to go hug

What a beautiful picture of McKinsey An - it looks so festive and Christmasy i here - fantastic job! happy dance party


The Bugster
Purred: Mon Dec 1, '14 11:32am PST 
You did a great job Roger and Humphrey we loved having youcheercheercheercheercheer

Spice E

I can get there- before you!
Purred: Mon Dec 1, '14 12:37pm PST 
Thank you Roger and were pawsome blues of the month.

Concats to you Kinzy! Have a fun month!happy dancehappy dance

Smokey Joe- Angel- Dreamboat #9

Remembering Baby- Boy Blue
Purred: Mon Dec 1, '14 1:57pm PST 
wave Love that piccie Mac~ Kinzy is so lovely!!!cheerapplause Thanks Roger 'n Humprey~party

Concats Kinzy on being RBL's Blue of the Month~! Enjoy a fun time being in the spotlight purrty girl~! dancingapplausedancing

Concats sweet Kinzy~!

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