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What can I get- into next?
Purred: Thu Jan 29, '15 8:06am PST 
wave friends! Good to see you, hope all is well!

Smokey Jay

Mom's Shadow
Purred: Thu Jan 29, '15 9:28am PST 
wavewavewavewaveeverybody it's good to see you Caramellowcheercheer Rex had his stitches removed today and he is cone freecheercheercheer

Spencer - DB#136

Everything is a- toy
Purred: Thu Jan 29, '15 12:37pm PST 
Hi everyonewave What is all this talk about mouses. Mac is definitely our great hunter. We could all learn something from him. I think having a mouse in the house would be fun. Not sure what I would do with it, but chase and kill comes to mind. Well the chase part anyway.

Mom always gets upset with us when there is a spider in the house or a beetle because all us cats circle around it, but no one does anything about it. Maybe we would do that with a mouse too.

Laying outside on that catio sounds wonderful Kinzy. I wish it was warm enough for me to go outside. I think I have a few months to wait though. *sigh*

We had a little freezing rain last night too Itsumo, but ours didn't amount to much. No cancelled schools anyway.

Smokey Jay we are glad to hear that Rex has his stitches out and his cone off. I'll bet he is happy.


MacKinzy An

Mom's baby
Purred: Thu Jan 29, '15 3:19pm PST 
Itsumo, HI pal. (hugs) Freezing rain sounds horrible. Poor little hoomans. I hope day get much better.

It’s nice and warm here. Sunny and 72 last night!!

Mello-HI (hugs)

YAY REX!!!! Is he feeling better?

Spencer, I chase and destroy bugs. Not spiders as MC is crazy when it comes to those. Come on over, Marley is here lounging by the pool too.

I have a funny story, MC has getting Meiko to exercise him is so fat… MOL.. anywho.. Hippo butt, doesn’t like to run, MC has to make him. I love to watch, he rolls around and lays on his back and bats at the fishy..MOL.. I jump over him and get it and run, MC has to chase me and Meiko waddles behind..mol It is so much fun. I have to stretch befur MC gets home to get ready!!!
cheerdancingbig laughbig laugh BYE BYE!!


Purred: Thu Jan 29, '15 4:18pm PST 
Kinzy, that is really funny laugh out loudbig laughbig laughbig laugh

Yay for Rex, that is great news cheercheercheercheer

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