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2012 Football Picks Game!

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Tig DaCatt!
Purred: Sun Feb 3, '13 6:35am PST 
It's Super Sunday & I suppose I have to make a pick....I've been saying that I don't buy the Crows all year...why stop now? I guess I have to go 49s....looking at the Crows,they shouldn't be a winning team,but they seem to win just enough...wouldn't surprise me if they won....imagine how the Cleveland Browns fans must feel...this could have been THEIR Super Bowl appearance....


Purred: Sun Feb 3, '13 1:01pm PST 
And don't forget,just because football season is over,that doesn't mean that the fun is over--our fishing trip starts tomorrow! Come over to Lake Snagafishee & catch some fish,enjoy some water sports,or just hang out at the pub!


I Am the Queen
Purred: Sun Feb 3, '13 2:07pm PST 
I thinks it's gonna be a close game. Starting out with both teams scoring and on fire, then after half time everyone will have figured out what the other team is about. The Ravens may be leading, but after half time they won't be able to control the niners defense. Niners 26 Burds 23

With that said, the stinking Burds have the fire in the belly...I pics

Ravens for the upset..MOL

PS> Hootie has asked me to post her pic..........49ers

Thanx for hosting this again Tig. It's always great fun!
See ya'll at the fishing pond tomorrow


Tig DaCatt!
Purred: Mon Feb 4, '13 5:38am PST 
Never mind the Burds....TIME FOR FISH!!!!

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