Have I ruined everything????


Purred: Wed Aug 15, '12 4:59pm PST 
Tao is noW 12 weeks old.
I began crate training him when he was 8 weeks old in my bedroom and then letting him play in a pen in the kitchen during the day.

I had to move the pen from the kitchen because I wasn't able to cook or eat! So I set it up in the living room but the problem was that the living room is all carpet and he would go everywhere in the pen, not just on his wee wee pad

When he was 9 or 10 weeks I stopped crating him and he slept in his pen. He began to use his pads for pees and poos so I mistakenly thought he could have more space.

Now he is 12 weeks and he no longer uses the pen and sleeps in bed with me. He has had access all over the house already and pees and poos where he wants

He hates his crate and I am so scared I've ruined house training
I live in an apartment and I have no idea what to do
Is he too old to start from the beginning?

He is also a terror and bites everything/one

Please help I feel so terrible


Purred: Mon Aug 20, '12 10:53am PST 
I would definitely just start over with the potty training. The dog is way to young to be trusted to have free roam. My vet actually said he doesn't let his dogs have free roam of the house until they are two! I think that is a bit much but I have also had my fair share of things chewed on or pee'd on around the house so he might be right!