Photo Contest


I look so- innocent when- I'm sleeping.
Purred: Sun Jun 10, '12 4:13pm PST 
Mom and I are going to hold our own version of the World's Coolest Cat photo contest. What categories would you all like to see?

Orange Ruffy

The Baboo Kitty- has Spoken!
Purred: Wed Jun 13, '12 10:31am PST 
1) Floofiest Backside
2) Funniest face

We think this would make for great comic relief!


Tig DaCatt!
Purred: Fri Jun 15, '12 2:44pm PST 
kittens....BFFs....cats busted doing things they shouldn't...thinking

Nonny - DG # 10

Purred: Thu Jun 21, '12 6:28pm PST 
Best or Funniest Sleeping Position

laugh out loud

Samson T.- Hunter

Master of All He- Sees
Purred: Sat Jun 30, '12 10:28pm PST 
Naughtiest Kitty (Oops, did I say that? red face laugh out loud )