Outline of the Events of Holy Week

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Meowmie and I with the help of info from Unkie Jim York have created a little outline fur mew about Easter and the events of Holy Week. This was the subject of Unkie Jim's sermon today and mew felt that it was a great thing to share. Mew is sorry if mew has missed any verse. This is made up verses as given by Unkie Jim and some fleshing out from there by Meowmie. The Cruifixtion was subject of a special treatment. Ukie Jim did a whole sermon on it and broke it down. The Resurrection is not yet included as that is next weeks sermon.

The events of Holy Week:
Palm Sunday
The Last Supper
The Garden of Gethesme
The Trial
The Cruxifiction
The Ressurection

I. Palm Sunday - The Triumphal Entry
A. Arrival at Olivet
a. Luke 19:29
b. Matthew 21:1
c. Mark 11:1
B. Two disciples are sent for the donkey
a. Luke 19:30-34
b. Matthew 21:2-6
c. John 11:45-57
d. Mark 11:2-6
C. Praise of his name
a. Luke 19:35-38
b. Matthew 21:7-10
c. John 12:12-18
D. Pharisees demand a rebuke
a. Luke 19:39-40
E. Jesus weeps over Jerusalem
a. Luke 19:41-44
b. Matthew 23:37-39

II. The Last Supper - The Plot is set and Passover with the Disciples
A. The Priests plot to kill Jesus
a. Matthew 26:1-5
b. Luke 22:2
c. John 11:46-57
B. Judas offers his services
a. Matthew 26:14-16
b. Mark 14:10
c. Luke 22:3-6
C. Jesus sends the disciples to prepare Passover
a. Matthew 26:17-19
b. Mark 14:13-16
c. Luke 22:7-13
D. The First Communion
a. Matthew 26:26-30
b. Mark 14:22-25
c. Luke 22:14-20
E. Jesus reveals knowledge of betrayal
a. Matthew 26:21-25
b. Mark 14: 18-21
c. Luke 22: 21
d. John 13:18-30

III. The Garden of Gethsemane
A. Prayer
a. Matthew 26:36-46
b. Mark 14:32-42
c. Luke 22:39-46
B. Betryal and Arrest
a. Matthew 26:47-56
b. Mark 14:43-46
c. Luke 47-53
d. John 18:1-11

IV: The Trial
A. Jesus faces the Sanhedrin
a. Matthew 26hi57-68
b. Mark 14hi53-65
c. Luke 22:66-71
d. John 18:12-14, 19-24
B. Jesus is tried by Pontuis Pilate
a. Matthew 27:11-14
b. Mark 15:1-5
c. John 18:28-38
c. Taking the place of Barabas and coviction
a. Matthew 27:15-26
b. Mark 15:6-15
c. Luke 23:13-25
d. John 18:39-40, 19:1-16

v. The Crucifixtion
A. Darkness
a. Mark 15:33
b. Luke 23:44
B. Earthquake
a. Matthew 27hi51
C. Tombs Open
a. Matthew 27hi52-53
D. Torn Curtian in Temple
a. Matthew 27hi51
b. Mark 15:38
c. Luke 23:45
E. Centurian's Declaration
a. Matthew: 27hi54
b. Mark 15:39
c. Luke 23:47-48
F. Jesus's Words
a. Jesus's question to God
1. Matthew 27:46
2.Mark 15:34
b. Forgiveness for the persecutors
1. Luke 23:34
c. The thief is told he is saved
1. Luke 23:42-43
d. Jesus commits his spirit
1. Matthew 27hi50
2. Luke 23:46
e. Asking for drink
1. John 19:28
f. Jesus's final words
1. John 19:30

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Happy Easter to mew as well. Unkie Jim was quite impressed with it too. That gave Meowmie a happy.

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