Charlie the black Pomeranian!


Charlie Warlie- best Pom on- earth!
Purred: Thu Dec 22, '11 3:45pm PST 
Charlie loves to dance he also loves to chew on bones Charlie is fun cute funny and smart! Charlie can be a dare devil or a clown, he can get in to trouble some times. But he`s my BEST Doggie eva!


Run run run !
Purred: Wed Jan 11, '12 9:38am PST 
I've never seen a black Pom before! You are beautiful!

Smokey Schaefer

Purred: Mon Jan 30, '12 1:51pm PST 
Smokey can't ran for any extended periods of time, he begins to choke and cough like crazy. I feel real sad when he gets so excited and wants to run around like a mad baby but falls short after a bit. Does anybody have the same situation with there baby.

Smokey also loves to play in the snow to bad here in Tacoma,WA they don't get that much but at least we did last week, happy dance


Charlie Warlie- best Pom on- earth!
Purred: Mon Feb 13, '12 10:38am PST 
Really? You never seen a black Pomeranian be for? Black Poms may be common in other places, but they're rare where I live.