12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

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Poop and the- world poops with- you!
Purred: Mon Nov 28, '11 10:17pm PST 
Here is how the giveaway will work. If you have purchased a copy of Poopology, you're automatically entered in the giveaway.

Twelve prizes will be awarded - one each day starting December 1st - for twelve days.

So, if you haven't purchased my book, you'll want to do it before December 1st so you can be in on all 12 days of giveaways!

Every cat that has purchased a book has been given a number - see below for your number. I'll use a random number generator every day to determine the winner. Their names and their prize will be posted in this forum thread.

Here is your number:

1. Lucy, Charlie, Leo - DAY 11 WINNER

2. Alfie & Tigger - DAY 7 WINNER

3. Da Tabbies O Trout Towne - DAY 4 WINNER

4. Rufus

5. Greyson - DAY 9 WINNER

6. Bella, Wiggy

7. Roger & Helen - DAY 12 WINNER

8. Colleen

9. Harry - DAY 10 WINNER

10. Monster

11. Tink & Snow - DAY 8 WINNER

12. Bruce & Bobbie

13. Jaffa Rafferty

14. Pandi

15. Harry, Albie & Skittles

16. Nikko & Scooter

17. Tony - DAY 3 WINNER

18. King Henry

19. Meep & Bibi - DAY 5 WINNER

20. Luke, Sissy, Cooter, and sibs

21. Timo & Meitzi - DAY 1 WINNER

22. Nikolai - DAY 2 WINNER

23. Patches & Tabitha

24. Milo & Mallee

25. Milo, Mea, Mikki, Miko and sibs

26. Diego & LuLu

27. Felix, Mama Kitty, Miss Kitty - DAY 6 WINNER

28. Pipo & Minko

29. Dopple Newman (yeah, I know he is #22 (Nikolai) brother, but they bought two copies of Poopology!

30. Muppet

31. Muppet (she bought two copies)

32. Edgar, Salem, & Lucy

33. Ele', Gimme, Ambro

34. Toffy & Vanessa

35. Ollie, Milo, and Teddy Bearz

36. Skippy & Riley

37. Mittens, Boogers, Hondo, Fido, Tiskers, Porkchop

38. Mercy, Oly, Calvin, Noah, Petrie, Oliver, Rico, Petals, Ginger Lee

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Da tabbies o trout towne

Purred: Tue Nov 29, '11 8:24am PST 
can we get a ponee if we win dancing

happy dancehamster dancekitty

hay, look at all de cool emoticons over heer...( we keep forgettin bout this group stuff .... )

snoopysnoopy SNOOPY !!!

heers dai$y cheerleeder cheer

Da tabbies o trout towne

Purred: Tue Nov 29, '11 8:25am PST 

crapperz heer comes da boss


Meezers are- Great!
Purred: Tue Nov 29, '11 12:56pm PST 
waveHi, Newman!wave
hailHail master of poop!hail
We just bought the book...so now we can play in your game too...Wheeee!dancingpartypartyparty

See you later!cat on moon

Pipo & Minko

Tabatha,- Dreamette- #19

MDAS survivor- and Daddy's- Princess!
Purred: Tue Nov 29, '11 12:58pm PST 
Newman, that is such a nice idea! I think I'll celebrate but leaving mommy a present in the tub! Heehee! party

Charlie- Chocolate- Paws

That\'s MINE!
Purred: Tue Nov 29, '11 9:52pm PST 
Sweet! I hope when you pick my number, I get an extra kiss from my girlfriend! kissing

Da tabbies o trout towne

Purred: Wed Nov 30, '11 7:19am PST 
playin round at werk again while we haza chans

now de dawg iz barkin N iz gonna give us awayshock

shh quiet puppie


Poop and the- world poops with- you!
Purred: Wed Nov 30, '11 8:34pm PST 
Here are the pictures of the 12 giveaway prizes!

Click Here!


Poop and the- world poops with- you!
Purred: Thu Dec 1, '11 4:10pm PST 
Day 1 Prize Winner is . . . . . . . .

#21 - Timo & Mietzi

Well, you cats are gonna have to believe me on this random number generator. When I save the results to my computer, it isn't in a format that I can copy and put into photobucket to show you the results. Maybe tomorrow I can figure it out!

Congratulations, Timo & Mietzi

Edited by author Thu Dec 1, '11 4:18pm PST

Mietzi- Katze&hearts- ;

I'm a wild thing
Purred: Thu Dec 1, '11 7:21pm PST 
I believe you, Newmie.
Wheee - I won happy dance cheer party

Running some zoomies. I'm so excited. hamster dance

Newman, you're the best.

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