All Day Poopology Party Sunday Nov. 20


Poop and the- world poops with- you!
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Here is the place to drop in and leave a note, story, joke, or something funny.

Our all day party is tomorrow, Sunday, November 20th. Feel free to come by once, twice, or as many times as you want!

Party On ~ Poop On ~


Poop and the- world poops with- you!
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Guess what? I've got a great story to kick off our Poopology Party!

This morning the MRS. went in our cat room to clean up the boxes. Our boxes sit on top of a big tray to help keep the litter from spreading all over the house.

Right in front of the box on the tray were three pieces of poop! We know it wasn't Gleek because he is a One Poop Wonder! And you all know what a One Poop Wonder is if you've read my book!

I'm thinking it was Samoa because there were pee wees in each of the boxes and she doesn't like a dirty box!

Do you have a good poop story for our party?


Tabatha,- Dreamette- #19

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I have a story, Newman! I was so excited about the Poopology celebration that I made a "good morning" stinker so stinky that the smell woke mommy up! Not only that- it was a nice pile of matchsticks in her clean bathtub!!! MOL! Hooray for Poopology!party


Where's Carl?
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I have a funny story about our dog! Mommy laughes and laughes when she read about your "croquettes" because we have a big huge dog brofur Zack who is the ultimate pooper snooper- a true "Pooperazzi" as you say! MOL!!! WE LOVE THAT ONE, TOO! Mommy knows if he is snooping because she can hear his nails clicking on the bathroom floor and she will say, "ZAACCCKKK!!!" and he will freak out and come running like nothing happened, but mommy says he was getting brownies fresh from the oven! The ultimate proof is when he still has jimmies (litter) stuck to his mustache!!! MOL- he is so gross, but he's so fluffy and snuggly, so I forgive him... happy dance

Tink the Cat

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Deep Thoughts by Tink the Cat:

Dingleberry + Sitting down = Poop Pancake

(thanks for the help, Leo & Finney!)


Poop and the- world poops with- you!
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Thanks for stopping by and sharing some funny stuff, pals!