I have "Accidents" in the bed when I'm asleep


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Lately I have been waking up with a large wet spot where I was laying,..and my daddy just looks at me and lightly scolds me. I give him the I'm sorry eyes. Also my hind legs are getting weak,...I am a 11 year old Black Lab.

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Sounds normal for a senior dog. Our vet thinks our senior collie does that because of incontinence, a urinary tract infection (get a urinalysis), or simply get out for a walk more often. Lately when there is a wet spot, I blame myself rather than her for not taking her out for a quick walk before bed, and/or in the middle of the night. Both our dogs have held it for so many hours I'm embarassed to say how long (mainly because of work), but that's not healthy, and that's not fair considering how frequent humans go to the bathroom. Anyway, check with your vet first.


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My older dog, Maddie, has had incontinence for 2 years now (she's a 12 year old husky/great pyreness mix). I have found holistic meds online and switched her to a dehydrated raw food diet from the company Honest Kitchen. Really seemed to help a lot! She doesn't have to get up in the middle of the night anymore to go out. Do check with your vet first to rule out infections. Did not want to give her meds from the vet for incontinence due to side effects. Hope this helps and good luck!