Squeaky & Fuzzy members have talent...

Sophie Bean- Schnoodle

Schnoodles Rule!
Purred: Thu Sep 15, '11 5:07am PST 
Did you know that the Squeaky & Fuzzy group members have talent? Well they do! For example did you know Loki can sing???
Loki singing…
Stay tuned for more talent coming your way. Who knows, maybe one of our members will make it all the way to doggiewood or cat stardom.
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Loki- 2001-2015

Im a lover, not- a fighter!!!!!
Purred: Thu Sep 15, '11 5:46am PST 
We can all take a road trip and try out for Americas Pups Got Talent!!!!


Sophie Bean- Schnoodle

Schnoodles Rule!
Purred: Thu Sep 15, '11 4:01pm PST 
Loki, I don't think we have a chance against your singing. Have to check out some more videos for hidden talents. smilebig grinsmile


Play with me!!
Purred: Thu Sep 15, '11 5:14pm PST 
LOKI That is the most pawtastic thing ever!!!happy dancehappy dance

Not only can you dancesnoopy but you can sing too???