Am I a Part-Maine Coon?


Purred: Sun Sep 11, '11 8:48pm PST 
We have an eight year old male cat that we adopted, but, we have no history on his parents. He was always bigger than normal cats, but it was only until he was about 3-5 years old that he really got BIG!!!When he stretches out, he is easily 3feet and is 30 pounds.He has these big eyes and big ears, and long very smartand will follow me around(dog like qualities), he would also prefer to drink water from the running tap than a bowl, but, when running although very big is very agile and very fast...He has long fur sticking out between his toes, and a long neck with shorter hair on top and longer hair on the belly.His meow is also like a different sound, it's like a squeak and a purr mixed together, it dosen't sound like a meow...What do you think?He is very gentil and is very affectionate...very cautious of strangers but very smart...What are your thoughts?cat on mooncat on moonwelcomesmilesmile


Purred: Thu Jan 5, '12 1:24pm PST 
He could be a Maine Coon mix. The tufts of longer fur between the toes are a Maine Coon characteristic, and the size certainly is as well.