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Hi there,
Let me introduce myself (as I started this group). My name is Rosie, well it is now since I have been adopted after months as a stray....My full story can be seen on my blog at:- -myself.html

or the current blog of my daily life at:-

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Rosie, you are lucky to find a great home.

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I am a happy- boy.
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I was a stray that was wondering around neighborhood for a few days. The temperature outside has been below freezing and my future mommy was worried that I was getting too t thin. On January 16, 2007, I finally went into the house and I red and I had warm place to sleep.

My future mommy attempted to find my previous home by posting poster around town, contacting the local animal control and newspaper. She also took him to the vet and to find out if I was micro chipped.

On January 25, Mommy noticed that somebody removed all the posters she had posted around. One of the store employees told her the person removing the signs told them that the dog has found his home. At that point it was decided to make it official that I would be a permanent member of the family.