Am I a Nebelung?


The epitome of- her name
Purred: Thu Apr 14, '11 4:08am PST 
Hello all!

I rescued my cat when she was a tiny kitten and I've always thought she was a little bit different. She is very shy and reserved, yet bonded very closely with me and my other cat. She is not quite a lap cat, but LOVES attention in any way. She likes to "tap" my shoulder when I don't start petting her as soon as she walks into the room. She has this almost regal aire about her at all times, and I always just thought it was because she knew she was named after a goddess, lol.

I recently came across the breed "Nebelung," and the very first picture I saw looked JUST LIKE Isis; from the wedge shaped head to her plume tail. I remember saying once to describe her, that she looked like a long haired Russian blue - I didn't know they actually exsisted!

Please take a look at some of her pictures on her profile page and let me know what you think. Thank you!


P.S. - is a shoe fetish one of the breed traits? She has to approve your shoes before she approves of you...