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PixieBelle- angel- ♥

pampered- princess
Purred: Thu Mar 31, '11 2:23pm PST 


It gives me great pleasure to announce two prestigious new honors to be given to Furts of distinction - Furt Of The Month, and Angel Furt Of The Month!

This forum thread will be dedicated to each month's honorees. They will be interviewed and celebrated, invited to tell stories, and all of you can post comments, ask them further questions, and add your purrsonal accounts of these cats-among-cats. We hope this will be a fun activity that involves all Furts, launches new conversations, and gives us all new insight into some of the wonderful purrsonalities among us.

With no further ado, the Furt Of The Month for April 2011 is:
The magnanimous and debonair friend-to-all, Big Harry! applausehailapplausehailapplause

And the Angel Furt Of The Month for April 2011 is:
The super-cool, one-eyed international cat of mystery, Tyler - Mr. Boombastic Angel! hailapplausehailapplausehail

Congratulations, Big Harry and Tyler! Interviews to follow. smile

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Molly Angel

Molly- Madison:mews- reporter
Purred: Thu Mar 31, '11 6:09pm PST 
applausecheerhappy dance ohhh, I can't wait to read the interviews !!!
Concatulations Big Harry and Tyler Mr Boombastic Angel party

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Freckles- (1993-2011)

My beautiful old- lady!
Purred: Thu Mar 31, '11 6:14pm PST 
*hops up and down in excitement*

PixieBelle- angel- ♥

pampered- princess
Purred: Thu Mar 31, '11 9:48pm PST 

PixieBelle: What is something you do that is guaranteed to make your humans smile?

Big Harry: My signature "mah" and headbonk!

P: You have a big family, with both kitties and doggies. How do you get along with your fur siblings?

BH: I get along with everyone because we pretty much stay out of each other's way. I am a meowmy's boy - I am the most mellow in the house for sure, so I'm not one to stir things up!

P: Are you especially close to any of your siblings?

BH: I came to live here with my sisfur Patches many years ago, so I am closest to her. Although we don't snuggle, occasionally we will nap together.

P: Are you in charge in your house?

BH: I am top cat! This might sound silly, but if I wake meowmy up during the night, she will happily get up to give me pets, change positions to snuggle or even get up to feed me if I am hungry! I am quite a spoiled prince...

P: How has the world changed since you were a kitten?

BH: My world has changed completely! Many of my furiends may not know that Patches and I came to live with my meowmy when we were already adults. I came from a hoarding situation and before that had been feral- can you imagine? Meowmy says that I am so spoiled and mellow that she can't imagine me being outside and finding my own food. She is convinced I traded wise advice for food because I am more of a gentleman than a hunter.

P: Do you have a favorite nap spot?

BH: My spot is always next to my meowmy, I snuggle next to her on the couch in "our" spot. Sometimes I like to sleep above her head on her pillow at night and reach down and grab her nose or eyebrows while she is sleeping. Even after all these years, she still gets a kick out of it! If I am napping alone, my favorite spot is in the cat cube.

P: What does being an Olde Furt mean to you?

BH: It has meant finding a group of wonderful friends who have lived full lives and who can share great life experiences with me, my furblings and my family. I am so grateful to have found Catster and Olde Furts. Not only for the friendship, but for all of the great advice I have received, especially since I was recently diagnosed with diabetes.

P: Is there anything else you'd like to tell your fellow Olde Furts about your life?

BH: Something funny that happened recently is when my meowmy brought my insulin prescription to CVS to get filled- of course it said "Big Harry" on it because it was from my vet (who, by the way, loves me because I turn into a giant ham when we get there and I knead and love on everyone!) and my pawrents said they would wait for it to be filled. When it was ready, my pawrents were shopping and they heard over the speaker "Big Harry to the pharmacy for pick-up!" MOL!!! Meowmy got a kick out of that!

P: Thank you for the interview, Big Harry! We hope you have a great time as our first Furt of the Month! wishes

PixieBelle- angel- ♥

pampered- princess
Purred: Thu Mar 31, '11 10:22pm PST 

PixieBelle: What is something you did that always was guaranteed to make your humans smile?

Tyler: Hmmm, I did many things to make my humans smile. The thing my mum remembers best is that I was such a show off, hence my nick-name Mr. Boombastic. I would wait until I knew people were watching, and then do something daring, like run up a tree in the garden - even when I was in my mid-teens. I would also open cupboard and closet doors, just because I "could". But I think my greatest accomplishment was being able to make mum smile even when she was upset, just by cuddling with her.

P: While you were on earth you used to nap in a "disgusting old armchair." Have any of your siblings claimed the chair, or what has happened to it?

T: Ah, yes The Skanky Chair. I wrote a poem about it once.

(P: After some research, a dedicated archivist found the poem, titled "I love my Skanky Chair!"
Dedicated to Olde Furts everywhere.

I love my skanky cat chair,
Don’t move it mummy, don’t you dare!
You’ve moved the furniture all around
And now I’m worried it won’t be found.

It’s been in the corner by the TV,
But that wasn’t a favorite spot for me
I told you not to put it there,
And refused to use it, to be contraire.

Haven’t you learned your lesson yet?
How forgetful can you get?
Olde Furts know better where to sleep,
And play with toys and company keep.

Now it’s back where it should be
All along it was best for me,
By the window, in the sun
That’s the best place for it – bar none!

T: You might like to know that chairs also go to Heaven, and it now resides here with me. I am pleased to say that Missy, Pooh and I (the Three Musketeers) still hang in it, as we always did. And the chair is once again in perfect condition of course MOL.

P: You have been active on Catster and in Olde Furts for a very long time - over 4 years. What is your most memorable experience of the group, or on Catster?

T: Olde Furts was always a blessing to me and my mum, a very special and supportive place. I have very fond memories of many great friends and lots of MOLS. We poked fun at our old selves with the Nekkid pictures and the Skinny Butt contest. Some of my best memories are of Isaac and Maxi's boas, the Conga, writing poems with Simon, Alex's traveling sweater, and Scooter's walks in the garden among the Plumbago... The day we all "Talked like Ze Isaac" was one of the funniest ever. Those were happy days and I treasure the memories. It seems fitting that we all decided to go to the Bridge together, within a year.

P: You were born in the Cayman Islands, and collected quite a few stamps on your kitty passport. Did you enjoy your youthful international travels? Do you have any memorable travel stories?

T: Oh yes! When we lived in Tortola I was the spider-killer King! Mum used to send me into her bedroom at night as "advanced guard", to clear the area of the tarantulas that used to live on our mountain. Unfortunately for her, it was pretty good sport for me and it takes some time to pull spider legs off one by one... expcially when they are 2 or 3 inches long MOL. I also saved her life one night by finding a black scorpion in her bed... oh yes, I had lots of fun back in the Tropics.

P: How has the world changed since you were a kitten?

T: Well the world is a busier place nowadays. My brothers and sisters mostly stay indoors now - perhaps that's the big change. Since Missy came to the Bridge, mum worries about the road, and all the other dangers that seem to lurk outside.

P: How would you like to be remembered?

T: With love, and for being ME - Mr Boombastic Fantastic MOL. I am... irreplaceable. I would also like to be remembered for my poems which I dictated to mum when on earth. When Scootie Patootie created the thread called "Tyler's Poems" it was one of the great honors of my life.

(P: Note: the "Tyler's Rhymes for the Tymes" thread has been made visible again for this month, as part of our celebration of all things Boombastic. smile )

P: Is there anything else you want your fellow Olde Furts to know about you?

T: I was a great Big Brother! I was the anchor to my sister Missy's world, and I like to think that I raised Clyde to be a good man cat. I can also proudly claim to be THE cat that converted my dad into a total cat lover. But most of all I would like everyone to always remember that I loved my family and friends and still watch over you earth-bound ones from the Bridge smile

P: Thanks for a wonderful interview from the Bridge, Tyler! We hope you enjoy being Angel Furt of the Month! wishescloud 9

T: Thank you Pixie - I am deeply honored.

Big Harry,- My Orange- Angel

Bonjour! Welcome- to Chez- Haroldine!
Purred: Fri Apr 1, '11 5:19am PST 
Concats to Tyler Mr. Boombastic- that is so pawsome that you are the Angel Furt of the Month since we are good furiends! How cool! I am so deeply honored to be picked for this- thank you so much to the Olde Furt Admins! I have a vet appointment this morning and we are about to get ready to go, so this lifted out spirits! Horray! Love, Purrs and Headbonks to all!!!!happy dancehappy dancehappy dance

Tyler - Mr.- Boombastic- Angel

They call me Mr- Boombastic
Purred: Fri Apr 1, '11 7:07am PST 
Hi Big Harry! wave

Concats on being picked BH, your interview made mum laugh out loud! We SoFla cats rooool! Good luck at the v-e-t this morning ok?

I too am deeply honored. Especially to be picked as the first Angel Furt of the Month. I am fluffing up my boombastic wings as I dictate this to mum, and we both thank you very much for resurrecting the old poem thread! Much love to Furts everywhere xxx
little angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angel

Rascal- our OCP- Angel- '94-'11

The Moose
Purred: Fri Apr 1, '11 7:11am PST 
Concats to both Big Harry and Tyler Bombastic!!!! great choices! great purrrrrrrrrrrrrs!

I streak in your honor! *Ras tosses off his collar and streaks into the gardens of the Old Furt home* laugh out loud happy dance

Sissy (love- you angel- girl)

Adorably cute &- spoiled!
Purred: Fri Apr 1, '11 7:28am PST 
Catgrats to Big Harry and Tyler!
This was so much fun to read, a lot more fun that I imagines when we were meowing out the idea of this! Great job admins! And we truly have so many wonderpurr members, this is going to be so much fun honoring different furts every month!

Calvin ~- Knead On

Knead On ~
Purred: Fri Apr 1, '11 7:52am PST 
Big Harry and Tyler are two pawsome Olde Furts! Congrats to both of you on this fine honor!

hamster dance

little angel

cloud 9

happy dance

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