An Embarassing Confession

Pumpkin Puss-

Don\'t Drink the- Haterade
Purred: Mon Feb 21, '11 7:46pm PST 
Mom and Dad know that I love to knead, and that I do it a lot. But Mom discovered something the other day that I wish she'd kept secret!

See, Mom has a fuzzy Hello Kitty blanket that they keep in the guest bedroom. I enjoy lounging on it. One day while she was doing housework, she dropped the duster and started squealing uncontrollably. I was chewing on the blanket, purring and kneading like crazy. red face She said "that's so cute!!!" and was about to run and fetch her camera so that she could record this rather un-manly behavior. I immediately said "oh no you won't!" and quickly stopped. She was very disappointed that she didn't come in time to snap a picture of this.

Anywho, she told Dad later at dinner all about it, and I made it a point to hide when she did so. Kneading's cool and all, and masculine. But on a Hello Kitty blanket, I don't think so!

That Hello Kitty blanket is very warm and cozy, though. *coughs* wink

Tabatha,- Dreamette- #19

MDAS survivor- and Daddy's- Princess!
Purred: Wed Feb 23, '11 9:23am PST 
Don't worry, Pumpkin Puss! Hello Kitty is cool no matter who you are! Every hear "real men" love cats? Well, I think "real cats" love Hello Kitty!happy dance

Calvin ~- Knead On

Knead On ~
Purred: Wed Feb 23, '11 8:23pm PST 
Hello Kitty is never unmanly, Pumpkin Puss! You knead away on that blankie!

little angel

Pumpkin Puss-

Don\'t Drink the- Haterade
Purred: Mon Feb 28, '11 8:30am PST 
"Real cats love Hello Kitty...." I like the sound of that!way to go

I'm glad to hear that real men and real cats like HK, even if she does look a little weird, having no mouth and all. laugh out loud


don't you DARE- stop petting- ME!!!
Purred: Sat Mar 26, '11 5:40pm PST 
If that doesn't work, tell them you're a mancat, and you'll knead whatever you please!!!wavewavewave