Does anyone know my breed?


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Purred: Tue Jan 18, '11 3:48pm PST 
I'm a rescue cat and mommy's wondering my breed. I'm very intelligent and playful. In fact my whole world revolves around play and affection. I love to chase after things and will play chase for hours! I enjoy splashing around in a few inches of water but don't like mommy drying me off. I'm a climber and will climb on ANYTHING. I've climbed up curtains to get a view from the top, but I got stuck frown

I'm very attacted to mommy. When she comes home I purr so hard I can't meow. It comes out mmOrrw! as I nuzzle her leg and anything I can reach.

I sleep belly up under the blankets with her, unless its warm. Then I sleep next to her head on the pillows.

I love it when mommy pets it. I purr and purr! I'll knead her and nuzz her face. She's my mommy and I like to put my scent on her so everyone knows it!

I'm also a little possessive. I don't like it when anyone besides mommy and me sleep in the bed and I don't like it when mommy's boyfriend comes over. She gives him attention and doesn't just love on me!

I have medium length fur but its very thick. When my tail fluffs up because I'm excited for playtime it's bigger then my head!
I rarely get hairballs! I'm not very vocal but I do talk some. Mainly a mmrr when I'm coming up to say hi.
I'm leash trained and love to go on walks!

Does anyone know my breed? I was born on a farm in Iowa

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Unless you came from a "purebred" cat rescue, you are definitely a domestic medium hair. In my opinion though you may have some Turkish Van in you in my opinion, because of your fur and pattern, but you are still probably just of mixed ancestry. Search around for some medium haired cats and you will see some cats that may look a bit like you. But remember, your chances of being a purebred are pretty much zero. If I were you, then I would just find Domestic Medium Hair/Breed Unknown, or replace Breed Unknown with Turkish Van if you like. I personally am a mixed breed cat too, and remember, a cat certainly does not need to be a purebred to be a wonderful cat, and to me it seems you already know that. You're a beautiful cat, so be proud of that!