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Purred: Mon Aug 13, '12 6:12pm PST 
Is anyone still reading books in this book club??

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Purred: Tue Aug 14, '12 7:43am PST 
Howdy Percy wave

Nope not readin' any books here shrug


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Purred: Wed Aug 15, '12 4:48am PST 
Dad just finished reading the "Game of Thrones" books. He says they are probably the best books he's ever read. Although he's a little bummed... he heard the Author writes very slowly and it may be years until the next book comes out. thinking

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Purred: Tue Sep 4, '12 3:13am PST 
Aedan, my mom started reading the first Game of Thrones book a while back. Then she lost the book! She's special that way.

The last two books she's read are The Willpower Instinct, by Kelly McGonigal, and The New Rules of Lifting for Life, by Lou Schuler. She says that the Willpower Instinct has helped her curb her coffee habit (which is kinda crazy). She's hoping that "New Rules" will help Dad get into better shape, too. Alas, he has not read the book, and probably won't when he finds out her ulterior motive! smile


always has time- to lick your- face
Purred: Fri Sep 14, '12 5:00pm PST 
Didn't read those books. Mom is reading a book called The Art of Racing in the Rain. It is narrated by the family dog. She loves it. Has anyone read it?


Purred: Wed Nov 28, '12 11:47pm PST 
The lady who found me is reading the second book of a trilogy by Clea Simon. The first book is "Shades of Grey," the second is "Grey Matters," and I don't know the name of the third.

The books follow a character named Dulcie. Two cats in her life help her with her problems, and to solve mysteries.

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Purred: Mon Apr 29, '13 6:02pm PST 
Percy, my mom read The art of racing in the rain, and loved it!!! Another good one is Three Bags Full by Leonie Swan. It's a mystery told by sheep!

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