♥Moch- a♥

I ♥- Bullers!
Purred: Sun Sep 12, '10 11:49am PST 
Reception 1

Reception 2

Reception 3

Do you like any of these receptions, Buller?

bull-boy(my- sweet- angelboy)

hug me, kiss me- and PLAY with- me!
Purred: Sun Sep 12, '10 12:51pm PST 
i like the first one my labsieway to go

♥Moch- a♥

I ♥- Bullers!
Purred: Mon Sep 13, '10 11:28am PST 
Me too! cheercheercheercheercheercheer


Hop N Go
Purred: Sun Sep 19, '10 12:33pm PST 
I like the first one too. happy dancehappy dance