September 2010 COTM

Digit (HC on- SOMC)

One lucky white- toe on an- all-black cat.
Purred: Thu Aug 19, '10 6:11am PST 
With the revitalization of the group, I have made an executive decision. From here on, we are going to decide the cat of the month before the month actually gets here. This is so when we concatulate them, it won't seem like they actually won the month before.

Without further ado, start sending your nominations now! Please feel free to include anything special you remember happening in that kitteh's life so the humans like my meowmy (who furgets effurything and is completely senile) can make more informed decisions.

Nominations are due by August 21, 2010. Please PAWMAIL them to me so they don't get lost.

Voting will begin on August 22, 2010.

happy danceNow let's get some CPR going for the group and participate!!happy dance

Purry fanx!

Digit (HC on- SOMC)

One lucky white- toe on an- all-black cat.
Purred: Mon Aug 23, '10 7:10am PST 
We have three gnawmiations for cat of the month!! cheer (And Meowmy and I are so happy to have gotten some pawticipation!)

In Alfabe.. allphu.. ABC order (Sorry Boo.. I lurned that from you. he he)

Emily Felicity because she has such a special mama who cared enough for her to not let her go through the pain and suffering of cancer.

Kirby because he has had to undergo 19 radiation treatments for sinus cancer.

Sugar who went to the bridge after dealing with seizures.

Each human may have 1 vote. Please pawmail your rsponse to me by August 29. You can also give them to me in chat, but make sure I respond that I got it, as I tend to wander.


~Purrcy ~- Meohmy

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yay!!! let's revive it here!!!!
Good job HC!!!cheer

Digit (HC on- SOMC)

One lucky white- toe on an- all-black cat.
Purred: Tue Aug 31, '10 6:47am PST 
dancinghappy dancedancinghappy dancedancing
Concatulations! We had three furry deserving candidates this month. Apparently I am not the only one who recognized that, because we have a 3-way tie!

Concatulations to Emiliy Felicity, Kirby and Sugar!!

dancinghappy dancedancinghappy dancedancing


Evil- Demon-Possessed- Cat
Purred: Tue Aug 31, '10 10:33pm PST 
Wow, we haven't been here in a while. The silly slog computer doesn't let mommy see everything and she is too busy playing with us when she gets home to log in then. We all miss Sugar terribly, especially Spice, who went around the house for 2 days, calling for her mother. So on behalf of Sugar, who isn't able to type anymore, thank you for remembering us!little angel

Finster- (finsterbaby- on somc)

Purred: Wed Sep 1, '10 5:11am PST 
oh shel...that's so sad. *purrs & headbumps for spice* and (((more hugs for shel)))


I once was lost- but now I am- found.
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I like this groupcheercheer

Digit (HC on- SOMC)

One lucky white- toe on an- all-black cat.
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Sept 2010 Cats of the Month

Muffin (RB)

Mommy's little- clingy girl
Purred: Fri Sep 3, '10 7:55am PST 
Concats to ALL the winners!!!!! You are all such wonderful, special kitties. LOVE the COTM Winner Photo!!!!

Abby (in- memoriam) - OLAC

Purred: Tue Sep 7, '10 12:27pm PST 
Oh how cute! I love the "banner" of winners! Concatulations winners and nominees!!!