I have a game! See here:


Mr. Jazz of- Jazzeville- (A.K.A. my- house)
Purred: Sun Aug 15, '10 7:28am PST 
The game is called The BlackCatLuvs game. What you do is
1) I will start a sentence, such as 'I like to sleep.' Please keep all sentences about what you as a black cat enjoy doing.
2) Smokey (random namelaugh out loud might come along and say 'Parading around my house.' The thing is, that Smokey had to start his sentence with the last letter of mine.
3) Say Buster came along and said 'Eating my cat food.' Buster would be the end of that game, and we'd have to start another!

Okay, here's my official first sentence: My favorite thing to do is frolick in the grass.
Your turn!